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Beautiful Leaf Painting Easy Craft Activity

Fall is a fun time to get crafty and creative! This easy leaf painting activity transforms pretty autumn leaves into art. Kids and adults can enjoy decorating leaves with painted designs.

Let the pretty colors of fall inspire you to design some seasonal art! This craft is a fun way to use real leaves as a canvas to paint colorful or whimsical designs. You can use the leaves for a centerpiece or to accent place settings at a table. Alternatively, it’s also fun to just enjoy the experience of painting on real leaves.

Easy craft leaf painting

Painting on real leaves kids activity

I kept my leaf painting designs simple. White dabs of paint show up in sharp contrast to the bright fall colors of fallen leaves.

Relaxing craft painting on fall leaves

White dots and short brush strokes create different designs on each leaf.

Creative Kids Activity

If you do this project as a kids activity, I recommend laying down a piece of parchment paper or cardstock for kids to paint on. This will create a workspace and reduce the painting mess. Furthermore, small brushes work best for painting tiny dots and dashes. Kids can practice creating detailed designs by painting on real leaves, using white or colored craft paint.

Painting real leaves with whimsical designs

When painting leaves, you can be as creative as you want!

Leaf painting activity kids craft


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