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How to Encourage Kids to Love Art

How to Encourage Kids to Love Art

My girls love creating art projects and crafts. It’s easy to encourage kids to enjoy art by regularly planning kid-friendly creative projects. Coloring, cutting with scissors, and creating unique art encourages kids to design using their imaginations and practice their motor skills. We love filling an empty afternoon by creating a colorful butterfly sun catcher or mixing play dough colors.

Create Seasonal Art

Every season is a new opportunity to make pretty art for your home! Craft projects are also a fun way to celebrate a special occasion. Remember the much anticipated solar eclipse? On the big day we made a solar eclipse craft and my kids loved using their creative energy to create their own solar eclipse!

Solar Eclipse kids craft - Mommy Scene

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Glitter Eclipse Kids Craft for Preschool

Colorful Butterfly Sun Catchers

This summer we made gorgeous butterfly sun catchers out of card stock and tissue paper. These colorful butterflies decorated our patio door all summer long! Grab our free printable template and see the full tutorial here!

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Colorful DIY butterfly sun catchers - Mommy Scene

Feather Owl Art Project

My daughter designed a furry owl friend all by herself. She asked me to cut a few shapes out for her and designed this owl using the shapes. She had lots of fun gluing on the details and feathers. I love giving my kids colorful paper and glue and discovering what they create!

Kids art feather owl project - Mommy Scene
Feather owl kids activity for fall - Mommy Scene

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Feather Bird Kids Craft Idea for Preschool

Glittery Gel Pens

It’s fun to practice drawing and even more fun to draw with glittery gel pens! You can buy huge packs of gel pens in every color and glittery, shimmery, and metallic hues! My girls also enjoy coloring in their coloring book with gel pens, which allow them to make detailed pictures and aren’t as messy as markers. You can even turn coloring with gel pens into school by practicing handwriting and writing a child’s name.

Glittery Colored Gel Pens set - Mommy Scene

Kids’ Tape Painting

Tape painting is a fun kid’s project and every piece of art will turn out differently! To make this colorful kid-friendly art, stick thin painter’s tape onto a canvas in any design you’d like. If you want your design background to be a solid color, paint the canvas a color of your choice, allow it to fully dry, and then stick on the tape design. Paint over the tape using any combination of colors you choose. Once fully dry, pull off the tape to reveal the background color beneath the tape!

  • Begin with a white or solid color canvas.
  • Stick on a tape design using thin painter’s tape, pressing the tape ends and edges down firmly.
  • Paint on top of the tape using any combination of colors.
  • Allow the canvas to fully dry.
  • Pull off the tape to reveal the white or color background beneath!

Beautiful Tape Painting Art - Mommy Scene

Color Mixing Play Dough

Mix colored play dough to create any combination of colors. You can even recreate the color wheel and teach your kids about primary and secondary colors, as well as complimentary and contrasting colors. Understanding color will help kids create other beautiful art projects too! Mixing play dough is a fun sensory activity to learn about color.

How to teach kids to love art with colorful play dough - Mommy Scene

DIY sparkle play dough for kids - Mommy Scene

Easily make this kids’ homemade glitter play dough!

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DIY sensory glitter dough - Mommy Scene

Which kids’ craft idea is your favorite? We hope you have lots of fun this year creating inspiring projects and learning through fun and imaginative projects!

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Tiffany Yong

I love art when I’m young, so I believe my future child will not have problem liking them. Making sure that they enjoy the process and love their final creation will be a step to making them love art!


The tape painting is beautiful and something that you could hang on your wall for years to come. We love doing seasonal art projects to hang on the walls or windows. 🙂

Cia Black

I love it, Art is so underrated. People just assume it means sitting down with a canvas and painting but when your 5 art is everywhere. It’s outside with chalk, it’s making a bouquet of flowers (even if it is mostly dandelions ), Paint rocks for our garden every spring is a favorite here. We pick animals from different regions/ species.