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Hot Air Balloon Valentines with Fruit Snacks

Create this crafty Valentine’s Day snack with cardstock and ribbon! My kids enjoy receiving small surprises on Valentine’s Day, and giving their friends homemade cards! These hot air balloon fruit snack cards combine a sweet thought with a sweet treat!

Colorful hot air balloon Valentines with fruit snacks

To make hot air balloon Valentine’s cards, first gather some basic supplies. You’ll need:

  • colored cardstock
  • white cardstock
  • scissors
  • rubber cement
  • hot glue gun
  • ribbon
  • packs of fruit snacks

Start by cutting out the hot air balloon shapes. I used a variety of colored cardstock and patterned paper. You can use our printable hot air balloon template below. Simply right click on the image to open the full size file to print.

Hot air balloon valentine printable template

Kids craft hot air balloon Valentines with fruit snacks

Get Crafty Making Hot Air Balloons

Once the hot air balloons are cut out, arrange each balloon on a square piece of white cardstock, approximately 6″ x 6″. Leave room at the bottom of the white card stock to attach the pack of fruit snacks. Use rubber cement to glue on the hot air balloon. Alternatively, use hot glue to attach the pack of fruit snacks. Finally, use thin lines of hot glue to attach short pieces of ribbon from the base of the balloon to the top of the fruit snack “basket”.

Rubber cement works best to glue paper together because it won’t cause the paper to ripple. Hot glue is better for attaching the ribbon and fruit snacks package. Use hot glue sparingly though, a little dab goes a long way!

Hot air balloon kids Valentine's craft

I think these hot air balloon fruit snacks are colorful and fun! You can customize them with a personal message, stickers or glitter! For more inspiration, you can find another variation of these hot air balloon Valentines, which we made a different year.

Fruit snack Valentines hot air balloon kids craft

Overall, Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for couples, families and kids! These colorful Valentines are a crafty idea to celebrate the occasion.


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