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18 Non-Candy Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids

18 Non-Candy Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids

Easter is a very special holiday, the start of Spring and a great opportunity to create family traditions. If you give your kids Easter baskets, it’s fun to include few small non-candy surprises. While Easter baskets are typically filled with marshmallow bunnies and chocolate eggs, you can also include small toys and educational activities to offset some of the sugar. These non-candy Easter basket gift ideas for kids are interactive, collectible and educational.

Gifts that Help Kids Collect & Explore

1. Magformers are a fun activity for kids because they come in many shapes and styles. Kids can build airplanes, cars, houses, towers and more! Kids can collect and add on to their Magformers sets and develop their construction skills as they create more advanced designs.

Squeezamals collectible plush pals - Easter Basket Gift Ideas

2. Squeezamals are colorful, scented and collectible plush pals. These cute characters come in all shapes in sizes. The collection includes tiny micro-characters, 3.5 inch animals and treat-shaped pals and larger 8 inch friends. Kids can squish down colorful Squeezamals and watch them grow back to their regular shape. These colorful plushy friends are fun to collect and share. Which character would be your favorite?

3. An Oversized Magnifying Glass is fun to use to explore the backyard and examine bugs up close. Give this kid-friendly tool to your kids to encourage them to go on adventures outside!

Animal Packers Chicklet Backpack for kids

4. Animal Packers makes adorable little lightweight backpacks for kids. This “Chicklet” 6.7 oz backpack is a great Easter basket replacement to hold your child’s goodies this year! It’s also the perfect pack for school, travel and fun outings. Kids will feel so independent when they pack up their backpack and carry their own stuff. Padded, adjustable shoulder straps allow Animal Packers backpacks to fit properly and comfortably. The front pouch is roomy to hold snacks, with 2 side pockets for drinks. The fully-lined, bright green interior makes finding things inside easier. All the seams are enclosed and finished, even the zipper.

Revelae Kids Cloth Snack Bags Jewel Pattern

5. Colorful Cloth Snack Bags are a great way to take snacks on the go. Fill up these Eco-friendly snack bags with dry snacks such as pretzels, crackers, dried apple chips and cereal. Kids can easily open the zipper and help themselves to their own snacks.

Eggtastic Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids

6. The Story Egg is a great way to create a family tradition and teach kids about the Easter story. This gift set includes 7 colorful wooden nesting eggs and a hardcover book. Discover a new egg and story every day from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday. Engage your kids with this interactive activity and remind them of God’s love.

7. Kids will have fun opening up jumbo Unicorn Eggs that transform into a small unicorn toy. This set of 4 eggs are made of high quality environmental ABS plastic.

8. Easter Eggs Slime Putty is a fun non-candy Easter basket idea for kids. Slime encourages sensory play and is super fun to squish and pull.

9. Wind-Up Bunnies and Chicks inside colored plastic Easter eggs are sure to make your kids smile. Made up of non-toxic premium quality materials, these toys are tested for safety for kids.

10. Sets of Egg Shaped Fun Dough are great non-candy Easter basket gift ideas for kids. This pastel moldable dough comes in four different colors that can be mixed and used as a fun interactive activity.

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Glittery Gifts, Rhinestones & Stickers

11. Glitter Glue Pens are fun to use for creating glittery coloring pages and paper crafts. They come in all colors of the rainbow! Glitter glue washable paint pens have screw on tops and an easy to hold pen design. Kids can use glitter glue pens much easier than regular glue bottles to create their own custom cards and artistic crafts.

Rhinestone sticker sheets Easter Basket Gift Ideas

12. Rhinestone Sticker Sheets are fun to use to decorate your notebook, planner, phone cover, DIY crafts, coloring pages and more! Rhinestone stickers offer the 3D look of a jewel with an easy-to-apply adhesive backing.

13. If your kids love stickers in general, colorful Character Sticker Sheets are awesome non-candy Easter basket gift ideas for kids. Stickers are so much fun to collect and they come in virtually every theme imaginable. You can find stickers featuring characters from your favorite movies, Disney princesses, cars, flowers, butterflies, emojis, pop culture themes, foods, treats and more!

Gifts that Inspire Dance, Crafts & Make Believe

14. New Ballet Shoes are a darling addition to any Easter basket. These pretty satin ballet shoes come in many colors; the perfect accessory for little girls who love to dance!

15. Rolls of Duct Tape are super fun non-candy Easter basket gift ideas for kids. Kids love using tape, and colorful duct tape can be used to create fashion accessories, wallets, notebook covers and more! Duct tape comes in many colors and patterns; the design options are limitless!

Discovery Box Kits - Dragon's Treasure

16. Discovery Bin Kits offer the convenience of a ready-to-go themed sensory bin; just add your own box! Revelae Kids Discovery Kits come in interactive themes such as Ocean Exploration, Dragon’s Treasure and Glittery Glamour.

17. Large Ocean Sea Animals are fun to collect and you can include several creatures as non-candy Easter basket gift ideas for kids! An ocean creature set is perfect to divide up between several Easter baskets. The 8-pack of creatures includes an octopus, starfish, shark, lobster, puffer, penguin, turtle and sea lion measuring between 4 to 14 inches.

Mini Solar Flower and Bugs - Easter basket gift ideas

18. Mini Solar Flower and Bugs come in a pack of 6 and uses the power of the sun to dance and sway with the light rays. This product does not need batteries and electricity to operate. These mini flowers are portable enough to put inside on a windowsill, desk or anywhere.

Make Easter exciting for kids with these creative non-candy Easter basket gift ideas, instead of overloading your kids with sugar. Easter baskets can be a fun family tradition especially when filled with gifts that are unique, collectible or educational!

Which gift ideas would your kids enjoy most?

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