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Valentine’s Day Inspired Activities, Crafts & Snacks

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to celebrate with the people you love, indulge in chocolate treats and enjoy V-day inspired activities! These festive Valentine’s Day kids’ crafts, creative projects and yummy snacks are some fun ways to make the holiday memorable for your family.

DY Scented Sugar Sand

My kids love squishing and scooping moldable sand. We made our own version of kinetic sand using sugar, cornstarch, food coloring and strawberry extract. This bright pink sensory sand is fun to play with and scoop into muffin tins. It’s also food-based and technically edible, so no harm if kids decide to taste it. Grab our recipe for homemade sugar sand and mix up a batch of your own sensory play sand in any color or fragrance you have on hand!

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Homemade strawberry scented sugar sand sensory activity for kids

Valentine’s Day Post Office

Make a Valentine’s Day post office using a re-purposed cardboard box. My kids enjoy making their annual V-day post office and receiving and sending Valentines. Kids can design the post office with mom’s help and use colored paper or markers to decorate it.

DIY Valentine's Day Post Office from a box

Homemade Healthy Gummy Bears

Make homemade healthy gummy bears for a Valentine’s inspired snack or tea party. You can make healthy gummy bears using all natural juice and even add probiotics to your gummy bear blend. We tried combinations such as Orange, Cranberry Lemon, and even a Strawberry Yogurt flavor! Learn how to make healthy gummy bears here.

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Easily make your own homemade healthy gummy bears

Cute & Delicious Strawberry Roses

These cute roses are so easy to make and fun for kids to eat! My kids love creative snacks and I love learning how to quickly make cute lunches. If you can slice an apple, you can slice a strawberry rose. Learn how to make strawberry roses and see some of our other creative lunch ideas here!

Cute lunch ideas for kids strawberry roses

Purple Glitter Slime

My kids enjoy doing crafts and activities once we’ve done the “school” part of our homeschool day. After math and phonics, it’s time to make homemade glitter slime! You can make borax-free DIY glitter slime in any color you choose. Make black space slime, red fire slime or glittery rainbow unicorn slime!

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Homemade glitter slime for kids with no borax

No-Sew Baby Bow Ties

Finally, baby accessories for Valentine’s Day are a must! One of my favorite things about having a little boy is dressing him up for special occasions. These DIY baby bow ties are easy to make from a scrap of ribbon and hot glue and you can customize the color to match any outfit. I pinned my little guy’s bow tie on using a large safety pin.

Easy DIY Baby Bow Ties How To

And there you have it! Valentine’s Day ideas can include kids’ snacks, artistic crafts and fun sensory activities! What are your favorite ways to make Valentine’s Day fun for kids?

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