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Personalized Tea Storage With Scrapbook Paper

A personalized tea canister is a lovely gift idea for anyone who enjoys drinking tea! If you regularly buy tea, you likely have some of these tea bag containers sitting around. You can create this cute gift by removing the original label and decorating the tea canister with colorful scrapbook paper and other embellishments. Learn how to make this easy gift idea in a few simple steps.

Colorful DIY tea canister for storing tea

Make this shabby chic DIY tea canister and recycle a container that would otherwise end up in the trash. You can use a tea canister to store tea bags or loose leaf tea. If you don’t want to store tea, you can also use this canister as a desk organizer to hold pens and pencils.

Custom Tea Canister Materials

  • An empty and clean tea canister or cylinder container
  • Rubber cement
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Other embellishments

Personalized Tea Storage With Scrapbook Paper

Personalized this recycled tea canister by fully removing the original label. Lighter fluid works great to remove the label’s sticky residue. Fully wash and dry the container. Choose a variety of patterned or solid color scrapbook paper and plan out your design. I used strips of scrapbook paper in various cool tone hues and patterns.

Personalized Tea Storage With Scrapbook Paper gift idea

Cover the tea canister with a single piece of scrapbook paper to act as the base of your design. Apply rubber cement along the tea canister in streaks and firmly press the scrapbook paper in place. One of the best things about using rubber cement is that it doesn’t ripple the paper or easily bleed through.

Custom tea canister with scrapbook paper

Get crafty! You can design your custom tea canister using any color scrapbook paper you’d like. Once the paper is glued on, you can even apply embellishments such as trim, stickers, edging and chalkboard write-on labels.

Cute DIY tea canister for storing tea

Cute Tea Storage Idea

I use this DIY tea canister to hold individual tea bags. A cup of hot tea is one of my favorite beverages to enjoy on a cold day. I like to take a break during my day and drink tea. If you have a collection of tea, this custom tea canister craft idea is a great way to add some color and style to your tea storage cabinet.

Cute personalized DIY tea canister cabinet storage

Try this crafty idea yourself! Which colors would you use to design a custom tea canister? What would you store in it?


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