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2020 Kids Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are a special time of year for our family. We usually decorate our house, put up lights, invite lots of friends to come over, and bake yummy treats. As our kids have gotten older, I’ve tried to think of more meaningful gift ideas for them. I enjoy gift giving and I also love finding ways to minimize the clutter that our family easily accumulates. Here are some of my top kids gift ideas that inspire kids to create, pretend, build and learn.

Playmobil country house kids gift guide 2020


My kids love playing with their Playmobil sets. We have the zoo set, Playmobil camping tent and RV, farmer’s market, Victorian doll house, flower shop, wedding, old fashioned Model T car, and lots of add-on sets and characters. Over the years, Playmobil play sets have included licensed collections from Spirit Riding Free, Ghostbusters, How to Train Your Dragon, and Back to the Future. Kids can collect sets that range from cowboys, knights, fairies, princesses, jungle explorers, pirates and more. I love how each Playmobil piece is detailed and great quality. Even the sets I had as a kid are still in great condition! Furthermore, collecting quality toy sets such as Playmobil are a great way to encourage kids to take care of their toys.

Playmobil RV set kids holiday gift guide 2020

2020 Kids Holiday Gift Guide - Create Play Travel

Play Dough

Play dough is a great gift idea for kids. You can easily make homemade play dough and mix in fragrances, or buy a multi-pack of Play-Doh. Either way, making dough creations is a great hands-on activity for kids. Create a gift set and include a variety of plastic cookie cutters and a rolling pin for kids to use with their play dough.

American Girl Dolls, Outfits & Accessories

Girls who love pretty details and miniature accessories will love the American Girl brand. This collectible brand includes a variety of 18″ dolls. Choose from BeForever characters with stories that are inspired by historical events or time periods, or design a TrulyMe doll that looks like your child. American Girl also releases a Girl of the Year character each year, such as astronomy enthusiast Luciana Vega (2018), party planner Blaire Wilson and surfer/cheerleader Joss Kendrick (2020). You can choose from a diverse collection of outfits and accessories for each of these dolls, or design your own gift box to match your daughter’s personality and interests! See our American Girl doll reviews!

Joss Kendrick 2020 American Girl of the Year doll and accessories

Loog Guitar kids holiday gift guide 2020

Loog Guitar

Loog Guitars are a fun way to introduce kids to playing guitar! These kid-sized instruments have the first 3 strings found on a regular guitar E, B, G. Kids can use these strings and the smaller guitar size to easily learn the chord basics and start playing songs right away. Loog guitars also come with an app and flashcards that make learning accessible and fun.

Big Truckload of Fun books kids holiday gift guide

Big Truckload of Fun Books

This Amazing Machines: Big Truckload of Fun set of books teaches kids about all kinds of vehicles. This book set comes with 14 storybooks about all different types of vehicles. I especially like these books because they are small and they have clever rhyming content that talks about all aspects of different vehicles. The final page of each book outlines the different parts of each vehicle along with vocabulary terms. This is a great set for getting kids interested in reading picture books!

Hot Wheels set kids gift guide 2020

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels cars and track sets are a fun gift idea because the cars come in all styles and cost as little as one dollar each. Also, you can build on existing Hot Wheels sets with new tracks, loops and track boosters. Something about metal cars shooting down a bendy plastic track seem to fascinate kids. My kids enjoy setting up these tracks down the stairs, around corners and down the hallway to daddy’s office. They also like racing their cars and they spend quite a bit of time playing with Hot Wheels together.

Which gift idea would be your kid’s favorite?

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