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How to Make Cute Recycled Shoe Box Organizers

I love organizing stuff. It’s so satisfying to take a messy closet or drawer and turn it into an organized storage space for our most-needed supplies. Did you know you can use old shoe boxes to make the cutest recycled organizers? Shoe boxes often end up in the trash, so using them as organizers for drawers and closets is a great way to be eco-friendly too! Here are some easy steps for how to make cute recycled shoe box organizers.

Easy DIY recycled shoe box organizers

Get Organized with Shoe Boxes

To make your own eco-friendly organizing boxes, first you’ll need some shoe boxes. Finding boxes is fairly easy for our family, because my kids often get new shoes each year. Once you have some shoe boxes to work with, gather these basic supplies. You will need:

  • empty shoe boxes
  • colored scrapbook paper
  • rubber cement glue or craft glue
  • tape
  • scissors

How to make recycled shoe box organizers DIY project

DIY Shoe Box Organizers

Make your recycled shoe box organizers pretty by covering them with patterned scrapbook paper. First, measure the size of the shoe box. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper large enough to cover the outside of the box. Alternately, you could cut pieces of patterned paper for each side of the box, so every side is a different pattern.

Next, attach the scrapbook paper to the shoe box with rubber cement glue or small dabs of craft glue. Wrap the edges of the scrapbook paper around the top edges of the box and tape them down.

Get organized with cute DIY storage bins

Patterned scrapbook paper gives a recycled shoe box an entirely new look. As a result, you can transform an old shoe box using any color of paper. These cute recycled shoe box storage bins are helpful for organizing closets, bathrooms and drawers.

Make these cute recycled shoe box storage bins

To decorate the box as seamlessly as possible, use tape to secure the scrapbook paper edges inside the shoe box. Use glue on the outside of the box. Too much tape will interfere with the finished look of your recycled shoe box organizers.

Cover a shoe box with printed paper to make a closet organizer

Once you finish covering the outside of your recycled shoe boxes, the possibilities are endless. You can use these DIY storage boxes to hold craft supplies, hair accessories, bottles, make-up, craft paint, small tools, odds and ends — anything! Even organize your kitchen junk drawer!

Easy DIY storage bins for drawers and closets

It’s easy to take an old shoe box, make it look pretty with colored scrapbook paper and use it to get organized!

Ways to use Recycled Shoe Box Organizers

You can use these recycled shoe boxes in many ways! First, you can use these DIY storage boxes to organize your bathroom closet. Fill your recycled shoe box organizers with cosmetics, hair product bottles, and medicine containers. Even create a recycled shoe box first aid kit with spray disinfectant, boxes of band-aids, antiseptic cream, a thermometer and bottles of pain reliever.

Also, you can organize bathroom drawers by storing make-up and oral hygiene products in small recycled shoe boxes. Repurposed boxes especially make good drawer dividers.

Furthermore, you can tidy up your closet by organizing similar things in recycled shoe box organizers on your closet shelves. You can store belts, rolled up ties, headbands, scarves and many other accessories in these convenient DIY storage bins.

Get organized with this cute recycled shoe box

Organize Toys in Sets

Recycled shoe boxes are also great for storing toys! Organize kids toys by sorting small items in similar toy sets and storing them in these recycled shoe box organizers. Cleaning up your kids “toy soup” can do wonders to organize a playroom and even make playtime more fun! Use these DIY storage boxes to hold Polly Pockets, Playmobil, Legos, Barbie accessories, American Girl outfits, Hot Wheels cars, wooden train engines, and small animals and dinosaurs.

Recycle a shoe box into a DIY storage bin

Organize Craft Supplies

You can also organize your craft room by using recycled shoe box containers to hold things such as craft paint, glitter, felt, buttons and sewing supplies. I like to sort our craft supplies by putting similar things together. I can use these DIY storage boxes to keep craft supplies and sewing materials orderly for the next craft project. A well organized space is very helpful for inspiring creative ideas!

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Use patterned paper to make recycled shoe box organizers

Organize Your Bedrooms

Last but not least, you can use cute DIY storage boxes to organize your kids bedrooms. Easily sort and arrange hair supplies, jewelry and clothing. You can put these recycled shoe box organizers inside dresser drawers to store socks, underwear and tights. Also use these cute storage boxes to separate tank tops from the rest of the t-shirts in a drawer. Finally, you can use DIY storage bins on a shelf to hold things like perfume and lotion. These storage boxes are so cute they don’t have to be hidden away.

Learn how to make your own small storage bins and drawer dividers

Crafty shoe box storage bin DIY project

What will you put in your homemade shoe box organizers? You can make these DIY bins using any color of scrapbook paper for boys and girls bedrooms, your bathroom, living room, school room, craft room and kitchen. It feels great to find ways to repurpose things and get organized at the same time!


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