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Awesome Gift Ideas for Creative Girls

Do you love shopping for your kids? When I became a mom, I discovered that buying gifts for my kids is so much fun! My girls, Kiera and Sylvie, especially love dressing up, playing with dolls and doing crafts. If you’ve read my other posts, you know that we do a lot of kids activities. I also encourage my girls to collect specific toy sets, to limit the clutter. Ultimately, I love picking out useful gifts that inspire my kids to be creative. Here are some really fun gift ideas for creative girls.

I often start planning my family Christmas gift list in early fall. Sometimes I make gifts for my kids, and I definitely shop the pre-holiday sales! With a little planning, I can find good deals on things that my kids need. I usually give my girls clothing they need, a few hair accessories, several toys, books, craft supplies, and bath and body products. We also have a family tradition of opening new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Bed canopy with fairy lights bedroom decor gift ideas for girls

Fairy Light Bed Canopy

To go with their new pajamas, my girls have asked me all year to get them bed canopies. There’s something so glamourous about sleeping beneath a glittering curtain of sheer fabric. At least my daughters think so. We set up these beautiful bed canopies in their room and added a string of LED fairy lights. Now my girls twin sized beds are fit for princesses!

This bed canopy for girls costs as little as $20 from Amazon, which is a great deal. I purchased this canopy in both white and lavender colors. Although I love making things, the fabric and materials alone for these canopies would cost more than $20! The princess bedroom canopies we ordered have little embordered roses around the top. The canopy ring is made out of a bendy material that easily holds its shape. We secured the canopies to the ceiling with a simple hanging plant hook. This canopy took no time at all to set up. Kiera and Sylvie love that the sheer mosquito net material is long enough to enclose the entirety of a twin bed. So fabulous!

American Girl Collection

My also girls love their 18″ American Girl dolls and their 14″ WellieWishers dolls. American Girl is one of our favorite toy brands. I played with American Girl when I was a kid, and it’s fun to see my girls enjoy dressing up their dolls. Kiera and Sylvie are also always excited to receive an American Girl magazine in the mail. It’s especially fun to see the new holiday doll outfits and accessories.

American Girl 2020 holiday doll outfits and accessories

The American Girl collection includes modern Truly Me dolls and timeless BeForever dolls with stories from different historical time periods. Additionally, American Girl also releases an annual Girl of the Year, such as Luciana Vega (2018), Blaire Wilson (2019) and Joss Kendrick (2020). See our detailed American Girl doll reviews!

American Girl teatime table and chairs

The American Girl collection includes a variety of dolls, outfit sets, accessories and furniture.

This darling teal American Girl teatime table and chairs set has everything girls need to host a very special tea party with their dolls. It comes with a teal metal table and coordinating chairs, which even have floral tie-on cushions! On the pedestal table, girls and their dolls can share the pretend snacks, including berry tarts, tea sandwiches and tiny pastel macarons. Sip pretend tea from miniature tea cups and dab your mouth with a tiny play napkin. We are in LOVE with this cheerful little tea set.

Gift ideas for girls Truly Me American Girl doll

American Girl WellieWishers

Kiera and Sylvie also really enjoy playing with and dressing up their WellieWishers dolls. The American Girl WellieWishers are a group of five friends; Ashlyn, Camille, Emerson, Kendall, and Willa. Each doll comes wearing a darling outfit and coordinating Wellie boots. American Girl regularly releases seasonal outfits, accessories and backyard playsets for the WellieWishers. These adorable sets include WellieWishers snow gear, camping tent and s’mores supplies, and a backyard greenhouse.

American Girl WellieWishers holiday gift guide

Furthermore, the WellieWishers storybooks are great early readers for kids. My daughter Kiera in 3rd grade has read many of the WellieWishers books by herself. The five WellieWishers friends love putting on shows, gardening, pretending, having parties and camping under the stars.

You are sure to find something every girl will love from the American Girl collection!

Hair Accessories

Next, hair accessories are always on my list of gift ideas for girls. My girls love wearing hair accessories, and I enjoying finding them unique clips and bows, often at great prices. These pretty rhinestone clips and flower hair accessories make great stocking stuffers and birthday party favors. Glittery hair accents are also perfect for wearing during the holidays!

I especially like the little rhinestone claw clips which are easy to secure in hair styles and take out later. Flower clips and decorated bobby pins are ideal for adding a little sparkle to a bun or a braid.

Also, every girl needs her own Wet hair brush, which makes hair brushing easy and painless. I’ve seen Wet hair brushes decorated with all sorts of designs. You can choose from Disney princess hair brushes, glittery swirls, and even unicorn cats! It’s fun to find a Wet hair brush to match your little girl’s style.

Glitter hair accessories, rhinestone clips and unicorn kitty hair brush gift ideas for girls

Large Hair Bows

If your daughter loves fancy hair styles, she will love these large hair bows. Originally made popular by JoJo Siwa, you can find these bows in many stores for as little as $2. The non-branded bows are much cheaper than the licensed JoJo Siwa bows. My girls usually wear these bows with a ponytail or a bun. These bows are rather large, so putting my girls’ hair up helps keep the bows in place. You can quickly make any outfit just a little bit fancier with a large bow clip!

Large hair bow clips gift ideas for girls

Educational Gift Ideas for Girls

Our family also loves learning through play! I often buy my kids educational activities and supplies for Christmas and birthdays. It’s fun to get my girls supplies that will encourage them to learn new skills. These gift ideas for girls could include cookbooks, new piano music or craft supplies for doing their own art projects.

Prismacolor colored pencils gift ideas for girls

Art Supplies

Prismacolor colored pencils are a great gift idea for kids who love to draw and color. These colored pencils are made for artists, with bright pigments that go onto the paper boldly and smoothly. I love the quality of these colored pencils. I usually give my kids an assortment of art supplies for Christmas, such as a few kids coloring books and a new set of colored pencils.

Wax seal stamp kit gift ideas for girls

Wax Stamp Set

Craft supplies are another great gift idea for girls. In past years, I’ve given my girls an assortment of washi tape, ribbon, scrapbook paper, rubber stamps, stickers and rhinestone jewels. My girls love using scrapbook paper to make cards, and decorate them with rubber stamps and stickers. This year I purchased my oldest daughter Kiera a sealing wax stamp set. The craft kit I found included several sticks of sealing wax and 3 whimsical metal stamp designs. She will enjoy using her wax seal stamp set for writing notes and letters to her friends.

Easy Kids Cookbooks

My girls who love cooking would love to unwrap some new cookbooks on Christmas. Many kids enjoy baking cookies, cupcakes and helping to make dinner. Kids can easily learn some simple cooking skills and practice what they know in the kitchen. An easy kids cookbook with pictures is a great way to inspire kids to want to learn how to cook!

Bath & Body Gift Ideas for Girls

Next on our gift list, if your daughter likes beauty and spa products, a DIY home spa kit is a great gift idea for girls! In the spa set, you can include a few new colors of nail polish, face masks, body spray and more.

My girls love painting their nails and having a home spa day. You can find a lot of brands of nail polish that are 3-free or 5-free. This means the nail polish is free of some of the harsh chemicals often used in making nail polish. L.A. Colors nail polishes are toluene & formaldehyde free. This nail polish also dries quickly. Girls will enjoy painting their nails with these glittery mermaid colors of nail polish. Alternatively, you can choose from a huge range of other nail polish colors too!

Homemade Lip Gloss

Homemade glitter lip gloss is another great gift idea for girls. We’ve made DIY lip balm several times and it’s turned out great! You can make all sorts of colors using powdered pigments and even add fragrances, flavors and glitter. Once you have all the supplies, you can make your own moisturizing lip gloss in small batches for gifts and special occasions.

Furthermore, you could give your daughter a DIY lip gloss kit, containing all the materials needed to make lip gloss. Homemade lip balm is fun to make with shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. You can find our full DIY lip gloss instructions here.

DIY Spa Kit

As mentioned before, a DIY spa kit is easy to put together and even more fun to use! To create a home spa kit for your daughter, you could include a nail file and clipper, nail polish, scented lotion, face masks, sugar scrub, lip balm, soaps, bath bombs, and body spray. As a creative element in the spa kit, you could include a recipe for DIY sugar scrub which your daughter can make herself.

New Earrings

New earrings are next on our list of gift ideas for girls! My girls love going to accessory stores such as Claire’s and looking at their earring selection. Claire’s also has great sales! It’s very helpful to buy good quality earrings that are nickel-free and made for sensitive ears. These darling earring sets won’t irritate my girls’ ears.

Pierce-Free Earzings

If your daughter doesn’t have pierced ears, you can find many styles of clip-on earrings. My girls, Kiera and Sylvie, often wore Earzings before they had pierced ears. Earzings pierce-free earrings come in many darling styles and designs. The innovative clip-on coils actually twist onto the ear and keep the earrings in place. Earzings were designed by a mom who set out to create the perfect non-pierced earrings for girls and women. Girls without pierced ears can easily accessorize with glittery earrings thanks to Earzings!

Earrings from Claire's gift ideas for girls

Playmobil Gift Ideas for Girls

Playmobil is another really fun toy collection my kids love playing with. My girls especially like the fairy and princess sets. They also play with a Playmobil Victorian doll house I had as a kid. Playmobil characters are fun to play with and set up. Kids can create all sorts of scenes and scenarios for the Playmobil people. I especially like the beautiful details and tiny accents that come with many of the sets. The Playmobil collection for girls includes fairies, crystal world, mermaids, princesses, city life, wedding, Everdreamerz, dollhouse, Spirit Riding Free and much more.

Playmobil fairies play sets gift ideas for girls

I hope you discovered something your little girl will love! Many of these creative gift ideas for girls are very affordable. On the other hand, I also enjoy giving my girls a few high quality toys to add on to their collectible toy sets. Finally, if you’re feeling crafty, you can make many DIY gift ideas for girls! Design a custom headbands or necklace, make lip gloss, or even make some new doll accessories. The holidays aren’t all about gifts, but I really enjoy making Christmas and birthdays extra special for my kids!

Awesome Gift Ideas for Girls who Love Glitter & Sparkle

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