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Cute Paper Heart Bookmarks

Inspire kids who love reading with one of these cute paper heart bookmarks! This easy kids craft is fun to make for yourself or for friends. Easily customize these heart bookmarks with your favorite colors!

Easy kids craft paper heart bookmarks

To make paper heart bookmarks, you will need colored cardstock, white cardstock, scissors and glue. I’ve discovered that rubber cement works best for paper crafts. Begin by cutting out a variety of colored hearts that are the same size. Once you’ve cut the first heart, use it as a template to cut the other hearts. Also cut a piece of white cardstock approximately 1.5″ x 5″.

Cute Valentine's Day paper heart bookmarks

Arrange the hearts in a stack to create the paper heart bookmark design. Using rubber cement, glue each heart onto the white cardstock bookmark. I left a small space between each heart to make them stand out. You can use craft glue, but this sometimes causes paper to ripple. I prefer rubber cement for paper crafts because it effectively sticks paper together and doesn’t cause ripples or soggy paper spots.

Colored cardstock heart bookmarks for kids

You can also embellish these paper heart bookmarks with stickers, ribbon or glitter paper. I cut some smaller hearts out of glitter paper to decorate one of the hearts. Glitter paper really makes these bookmarks sparkle!

Create heart bookmarks with colored cardstock fun kids craft

This kids craft is a fun party idea, Valentine’s Day craft, or afternoon art project! I love how our paper heart bookmarks turned out! What colors will you use to make these paper heart bookmarks?

Cut paper heart bookmarks easy craft


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