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Unicorn Tea Party Essentials

Unicorn Tea Party Essentials

Unicorns are beloved characters that frequently pop up in many designs, stories and movies. Their whimsical characteristics and colorful details, often associated with glitter and rainbows, make unicorns universally magical creatures. So why shouldn’t unicorns inspire a tea party?

Agnes and unicorn Despicable Me

Agnes, the colorful little personality in Despicable Me and Kit in The Unicorn Store both share a love for unicorns and they’re eager to go on adventures to prove it. Unicorns have inspired colorful drinks, popular songs, shimmery fashion designs and vibrant accessories. Unicorns are also a fun theme for planning an afternoon tea party. Basic tea party essentials include tasty drinks, snacks, treats and dress up fashion.

Unicorn tea party treats

My girls love having afternoon tea parties. They most often drink lemonade out of their colorful tea cups and occasionally we make smoothies or chocolate milk.

How to Host a Tea Party

You need several things to host a successful afternoon kid’s tea party. First, you need a few party guests, which could include the kids in your family or a few friends. Next, you need drinks as well as some tasty snacks. While I enjoy my afternoon cup of tea, my kids prefer to sip sweeter fruity drinks or chocolate milk. Finally, dressing up is an easy way to make an ordinary afternoon tea party feel like a celebration!

Jello Unicorn Cookies for a tea party

Delightful Unicorn Tea Party Cookies

Sugar cookies are fun to make and decorate! These colorful unicorn cookie shapes are a darling element for any tea party. We typically make sugar cookie cut outs for fun, although on occasion I make them for a family party. It’s helpful to make these cookies ahead of time and freeze them for special occasions because they take some time to bake, fully cool and decorate. Of course, you don’t have to make fancy cookies for an afternoon kid’s tea party. Graham crackers garnished with a bit of icing and sprinkles are also a great treat!

Unicorn Magic Pudding

Pudding is a tasty snack for kids and a fun addition to an afternoon tea party. Unicorn Magic Snack Pack Pudding Cups come in a multi-pack of blue and pink Vanilla flavored pudding cups. It contains zero grams of trans fat per serving and no high-fructose corn syrup. These fun snacks are available at Walmart.

Berry Unicorn Smoothies

Smoothies are another favorite snack at our house. A healthy smoothie is easy to mix up if you have a blender. I usually start with my smoothie “base” consisting of a large scoop of yogurt and a banana. Next I can add a scoop of frozen berries, 1/2 cup of orange juice and even some spinach leaves. We made layered unicorn smoothies by mixing up a berry smoothie and layering it with an orange banana smoothie. As a finishing touch, we topped our fruity smoothies with whipped cream and homemade blue raspberry drizzle (light corn syrup mixed with a spoonful of blue raspberry Jell-O powder).

Berry Unicorn Smoothies

Tea Party Dress Up Fashion

Finally, dressing up is a must-have for any kids’ tea party. Especially for a unicorn tea party, fashion options can include queen and princess dresses, knight, prince and king outfits, or styling yourself as a unicorn. My girls have curated quite a collection of princess dress up dresses and fantasy-inspired fashion to use for their afternoon tea parties.

Princess dress up dresses for a tea party

And there you have it! You only need a few things to host a successful afternoon kid’s tea party; beverages, treats, snacks and dress-up outfits. My kids always enjoy our creative snack breaks and our family has made many sweet afternoon memories.

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