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Meet American Girl Blaire Wilson

Meet American Girl Blaire Wilson

Sweet, friendly and smart, American Girl’s 2019 Girl of the Year Blaire Wilson is a charming character. Her story series is focused on prioritizing relationships within a technology-driven world. The American Girl brand often aims to inspire girls with character qualities such as courage, creativity and individual uniqueness. We had the honor of receiving the Blaire Wilson doll and learning more about her story. We are excited to share all the details about this latest American Girl personality!

American Girl Blaire Wilson Unboxing Video

American Girl 2019 girl of the year Blaire Wilson

Blaire Wilson Inspires Relationships

2019 Girl of the Year Blaire Wilson has beautiful red hair, green eyes and a sweet collection of outfits and accessories. Blaire works hard on her family’s sustainable farm and helps with planning farm-to-table celebrations. American Girl describes Blaire Wilson as a “young chef-in-training who loves bringing people together.” Her book series highlights the importance of being present in real life instead of always engaged on devices.

“Building and maintaining supportive relationships with family and friends is central to Blaire’s story, a message we think is important to champion among girls today,” said Julia Prohaska, American Girl’s vice president of marketing. “In an age where families are often striving for quality time together, we hope Blaire inspires everyone to connect more regularly with the important people in their lives…”

Nurturing family connections is a great value to highlight, especially in today’s social environment that is so saturated by technology. In our home, our family plans our schedule so we can eat meals together and have meaningful conversations several times throughout the day. We take the time to listen to our kids’ simple questions, so they will feel welcome to ask the harder questions later. Our kids enjoy limited screen time and we try to minimize phone distractions during family time.

Blaire Wilson’s stories and sweet collectible doll set is a classic addition to the American Girl Collection.

American Girl 2019 girl of the year Blaire Wilson has red hair and green eyes

Blaire Wilson Doll Details

The 18″ Blaire Wilson doll has bright green eyes that open and close. She has curly red hair that comes braided into a flattering pulled-back hairstyle. Like all American Girl dolls, Blaire has a huggable cloth body and a movable head and limbs made of smooth vinyl. She comes with the Blaire paperback book, plus her signature outfit.

Blaire’s white sundress is accented with a whimsical bumblebee print. Though simple at first glance, Blaire’s dress has many design elements. Ruched detailing adds texture to the bodice, the gathered tie makes a bow at the neckline, and tiny yellow buttons run down the front of her skirt.

We love the darling yet casual design of Blaire’s dress and of course, her purple sandals! My girls also love dressing up and running around in play dresses while gardening or playing in the yard.

American Girl's 2019 girl of the year Blaire Wilson has red curly hair

The Blaire Wilson doll comes with a sunny yellow bandanna bracelet she wears while gardening, a hair comb with pink flowers and purple platform sandals.

American Girl's 2019 girl of the year Blaire Wilson wears purple sandals

Collectible Outfits & Accessories

In addition to the doll, girls can collect a variety of outfits and accessories for American Girl’s 2019 Girl of the Year Blaire Wilson. Her gardening outfit comes with a smocked top, overalls and green gardening boots. Other add-ons include additional Blaire books, Blaire’s bridesmaid dress, floral flair outfit, gardening apron and sun hat.

Girls will further enjoy exploring Blaire’s world with American Girl’s furniture sets such as Blaire’s gorgeous family farm restaurant, Blaire’s party decor and Blaire’s garden.

American Girl 2019 girl of the year Blaire Wilson's gardening set

American Girl Store and 2019 Girl of the Year Blaire Wilson

One of the reasons I love the American Girl brand is that you can make gift giving more meaningful and collect the coordinating sets over several years. I encourage my kids to collect toy sets rather than accumulate random toy clutter. My girls began their AG collection earlier than the advertised age (8+) but they will be able to enjoy their American Girl dolls for many years. We often give our girls an American Girl outfit or accessory add-on for their birthdays or Christmas. I also love that my girls will make precious sister memories as they play together with their dolls such as Blaire Wilson, Luciana Vega and Maryellen Larkin.

American Girl 2019 girl of the year Blaire Wilson and book series

Gardening with Blaire

Blaire’s gardening outfit is especially adorable. Her green boots are perfect for stomping around in the mud. I don’t normally prefer the overalls look, but Blaire looks adorable in her overalls accented with floral embroidery. Her off the shoulder smock top gives her farm “work day” outfit a feminine element without disrupting function.

American Girl 2019 girl of the year Blaire Wilson green gardening boots

Blaire’s farm outfit is cute and functional, perfect for staying cool while working hard. I mostly love all the detailing commonly found within the entire American Girl collection.

American Girl 2019 girl of the year Blaire Wilson gardening outfit for 18 inch dolls

American Girl Quality

All the details on Blaire Wilson’s construction and outfits are beautiful. Regarding quality, I’ve seen reviews from people saying a lot has changed with American Girl over the years. Personally, I have been pleased with the quality of our recent American Girl dolls and accessories.

American Girl as a company has grown a lot in its product offerings and variety of dolls released per year. I’m sure manufacturing methods have also changed over the years. I feel that the quality of these newer dolls compare closely with my original Truly Me doll which I purchased more than 20 years ago.

Granted, I teach my girls to take care of their dolls and we don’t throw them on the floor or drag them around. In my opinion, it’s beneficial to teach kids how to take care of nice toys and keep collectible toys in good condition. However, if something does happen to your doll, American Girl offers a doll hospital service to fix up your doll and send her home good as new!

American Girl Blaire Wilson girl of the year outfits and accessories

All in all, Blaire Wilson is a classic doll to add to your American Girl collection or to purchase as your daughter’s first doll! I’m looking forward to reading her book series with my girls this year. Which of Blaire’s outfits or add-on accessory sets is your favorite?

American Girl 2019 Girl of the Year Blaire Wilson - Colorado AG Store

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Sara Welch

Another winning doll from American Girl! We have a store not too far from us, and are thinking of taking our daughter for her 7th birthday. She would love this little one!

Tiffany Grau
Tiffany Grau

I have heard so much about American Girl. I can’t wait to have a little girl to share this with her.

Vanessa Delia
Vanessa Delia

I grew up with American Girl! This takes me back so many years. Love to see that it’s still around!


Oh my goodness! I have so many still in my mother’s attic! It’s so so cool to see this still being a thing in popular culture!

John Mulindi

Good ideas to keep kids busy. These American dolls looks fun for kids.


OMG! This is super cute. This is something that my girls would really love to play. I’ll hace to check this out now!

Nicole Bertrand

I have so far avoided American Girl dolls with my six and four year old, but I’m sure they’ll be into them soon! And when they start to show interest, I have a doll in mind!

Catherine Santiago Jose
Catherine Santiago Jose

This doll is so pretty and I am sure my daughter would love to play with it.
It is also a perfect gift to give to my niece on her birthday. So pretty!


I love these dolls their so cute and also so diverse. I can see why their so popular I am loving them over the norm of a Barbie doll.


I loved my American Girl doll when I was young! Love these new ones too!


She is adorable! My girls have finally grown out of the American Girl stage (only a year after I finally saved the money to get them each one).

Dennis Littley

I would imagine Blaire and other American Girl dolls are ideal to keep for years to come! Very nice. I think my wife would really like this.

Scott Gombar

Thanks for sharing. My daughter just turned 5 so I know it’s only a matter of time before she starts asking about these dolls.


She is the cutest ever!!! Amazing doll and will definitely buy her for my nice. Thanks a lot.