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How To Organize A Junk Drawer

How To Organize A Junk Drawer

Everyone has a junk drawer that they stick random clutter into, right? Junk drawers serve a few purposes. First, you can organize basic office supplies, small tools, push pins, chip clips, note pads and all sorts of odds and ends. Second, junk drawers keep useful items close at hand for when someone needs scotch tape or a rubber band. Finally, you can quickly clean off the counter with a clean sweep into the junk drawer and organize it later. Our junk drawer is located in the kitchen and we organize it every few months. Here are some easy ways you can organize your kitchen or office junk drawer, while still maintaining your home’s convenient catch-all.

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Organize a junk drawer with tins to keep small items separated and grouped together. A junk drawer can be a handy storage spot to keep rubber bands, key rings, push pins, clips and duplicate car keys.

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Organize A Junk Drawer with Small Divider Boxes

Plastic bin dividers are another handy organizing solution and they often come in several sizes. Sometimes these drawer dividers clip together to keep your items in place. You can also nest smaller drawer bins within larger rectangle drawer dividers. A junk drawer is a great place to store sticky notes, loose change and a convenient pair of scissors.

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Organize A Junk Drawer by Category or Size

You can do lots of things with a junk drawer. Once you choose your drawer dividers, you can organize items by category or size. You can store all the pens together and keep USB sticks and batteries in another drawer divider box. Push pins, nails and small screws can go in another box. You can divide up a large drawer into many small areas to organize lots of small household items.

How to organize a junk drawer with plastic or bamboo drawer divider boxes

Organize A Junk Drawer for the Room it’s in

If you have junk drawers in different areas of the house, organize them by theme for the room that they are in. Your office junk drawer can hold all the office supplies and your kitchen junk drawer can store basic household essentials. A kitchen junk drawer can organize items that you would use to make lists, replace batteries, and make small repairs with glue and tape.

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You can organize your drawers with simple white plastic dividers or metal drawer dividers, or you can add some style with patterned drawer dividers. You can often find canvas or cardboard drawer divider boxes that are decorated with a modern pattern or design.

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Each family’s junk drawer will look different and hold different items. You may need to organize your junk drawer occasionally to put things where they belong. Also clear out any trash that someone put in the drawer. It’s important to organize a junk drawer while keeping your family’s stage and kids’ ages in mind. Families with young kids would benefit from storing matches, medicine and permanent markers up on a high shelf.

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It’s easy to organize a junk drawer and streamline your catch-all clutter spot, so you can easily find the things you need! You can organize a junk drawer with metal boxes, plastic drawer dividers or bamboo drawer dividers. Efficiently group small household items together. You’ll feel great getting organized, even if it’s a space guests don’t normally see.

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