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DIY Magic Stain Remover For Baby Clothes

DIY Magic Stain Remover For Baby Clothes

Have you ever had an absolutely adorable baby outfit ruined by that yellow baby spit-up stain? How about a diaper blow out? Removing set in stains can be tricky but this homemade “magic” stain remover has worked wonders for me! It’s very easy to make and uses common ingredients most everyone should have on hand already. Save this DIY stain remover recipe if you have kids, life gets messy. You’re going to need a reliable stain remover!

We were recently given several bags of hand-me-down clothes from a friend for our baby girl. I was so thankful to receive them however, I soon discovered that many of the clothes had that infamous yellow baby spit-up stain all over them. Did you know that stains can appear months after being packed away? You may think the clothes you put away are clean but then take them out for baby #2 a few years later only find half of them are “ruined” with yellow stains! I’m not sure why that happens but I definitely experienced it with my son’s clothes too. However this easy DIY stain remover made with 3 simple ingredients has saved all those cute clothes from ruin! Instead of throwing out stained clothes, give this magic stain remover a try.

Magic Stain Remover For Baby Clothes with 3 ingredients - Mommy Scene

Magic Stain Remover For Baby Clothes

Ingredients (make a larger batch if treating a whole bunch of clothes at once!)

  • 1 TBSP Dawn (the blue kind!)
  • 1 TBSP Baking Soda
  • 2 TBSP Hydrogen Peroxide


  • Small mixing bowl
  • Old toothbrush or scrub brush

Add all ingredients to your bowl. Mix well! Use the toothbrush to work the solution into the clothes. I sometimes use a spoon spread it all over the stained area. Apply liberally and scrub away! Allow the solution to sit on the stain for at least a couple hours or over night for heavily soiled items. Wash the clothes as normal in your washing machine. You may want to check your clothes before drying them. If there is still stain visible, treat and wash again before drying.

Magic Stain Remover For Baby Clothes how to - Mommy Scene

Note: Though it is diluted, the hydrogen peroxide can have a “bleaching” effect so if there’s an item you really really love you may want to test the color-fastness before treating the entire garment (although if the alternative is yellow stains, you may want to risk it anyway!). I did use this on many colored outfits and no problem at all. There was only one light pink outfit that I noticed got faded a bit. I had let that one soak over night, however everything I else treated was fine!

How to make Magic Stain Remover For Baby Clothes - Mommy Scene

I have had such great success with this stain remover recipe even for removing set in stains. I pass this recipe along to the new moms in my life because I know it will come in handy at some point, especially if you’ll be re-using clothes or receiving hand-me downs!

Easy stain remover for baby clothes - Mommy Scene

Karen and her husband of 7 years have one active but very sweet toddler boy and a happy baby girl. She loves being mommy, spending quality time with friends and family, traveling and trying new things.

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I like your baby clothes care tips. The baby skin is so sensitive, and it is essential to take proper care especially when a mom wash baby clothes. Finding your post is excellent. It is helpful. Thank you.

Andrew Powell
Andrew Powell

Your post is very helpful for washing baby clothes. My wife will appreciate these tips.


Can a blue detergent thats used for washing clothes replace the dawn?


I appreciate your work. The newborn baby skin is so sensitive and it is important to take proper care especially when a mom wash baby clothes. It’s really nice to find your post. It is helpful. Thank you


Love this DIY stain remover. We featured you in our recent Food Dyes post!


Thanks for this great natural stain remover for taking out stains on baby clothes. Sounds great!


Hey Karen,
A stain remover is a great idea! Removing is definitely the way to go for those tough stains. I’ll be taking your advice for sure. Thanks so much for sharing.


This looks like it works great! Thanks for the recipe!