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Cozy Baby Basics & Natural Baby Products

Cozy Baby Basics & Natural Baby Products

No matter what time of year they are born, babies feel secure when they are cozy and cared for. Baby care can be challenging for any parent. For example, your baby’s temperament, minor challenges such as colic, or more serious medical complications can impact how easy it is to care for your baby. Some babies are easy to care for and others can be tricky to soothe.

Here are some of our top recommended Cozy Baby Basics for caring for a baby. These useful baby essentials help with challenges such as self-soothing, secure sleep, healthy feeding and bath time routines. Any of these Cozy Baby Basics would make great baby shower gifts too!

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Baby Basics for Self-Soothing

Handsocks are innovative mittens designed with comfort and function in mind for keeping baby’s hands cozy. Handsocks also prevent baby from scratching, grabbing or pulling. The flip-open design allows for finger access so baby can explore or eat without having to remove the whole mitten. The sleeve is stretchy enough to slide up, but snug enough to hold on. Handsocks are designed by a mom who set out to create the perfect mitten for babies and toddlers. They’re cozy, comfortable, warm and protecting and they stay on without Velcro or straps. Use Handsocks for your own baby or gift them as an awesome baby shower essential!

Rainforest Sensory Kit creative kids activity

Handsocks Cozy Baby Basics

Toofeze stainless steel and silicone teether

Toofeze stainless steel teether is the COOLEST teether ever! Babies can easily hold this unique teether and bite on three different chewing surfaces to manage their teething pain independently. Toofeze is made from food-grade materials that are non-toxic and will not harbor bacteria. Moms can dip a Toofeze into a glass of ice water to quickly create a cool and sanitary teether for baby to chomp on.

Matimati Baby bibs are an absorbent and stylish way to accessorize and protect a baby’s outfit. Each adorable bandana bib is carefully made with love. Who knew baby bibs could be so hip and fun!? Matimati Baby also donates a portion of each sale to Chain Reaction, a non-profit organization that fights human trafficking in Asia.

Matimati Baby bandana bibs are stylish and practical

Baby Basics for Secure Sleep

Babies may have trouble sleeping during their first few months of life since they are used to the confines of the womb. Consequently, swaddling your baby is one way to help them feel secure. A cozy blanket sleeper is a secure sleep space that provides a baby with boundaries while giving them room to move. This enclosed blanket sleeper will keep baby’s tiny body, hands and feet warm inside, and it unzips from the bottom up for convenient diaper changes.

Revelae Kids enclosed blanket sleeper keeps baby's hands and feet inside and unzips from the bottom up

The Newton crib mattress has the best of everything — it’s washable, breathable, recyclable and designed with a baby’s health, safety and comfort in mind. The innovative crib mattress design allows air to flow freely for optimal breathability and temperature regulation. It’s also easy to clean. We’ve washed this mattress off in the tub and the water flows easily through the breathable mattress. The breathable fibers also quickly dry in the sun.

Baby Basics for Feeding

Amara organic baby food packets are an easy and healthy option for feeding your baby. Amara baby food is similar to freshly pureed baby food, in its freeze dried form. Just add water and it’s time for lunch! The freeze drying process preserves nutrients and allows the food to fit in a small packet. My baby girl enjoyed the freeze dried banana baby food, her favorite flavor! Shop Amara baby food flavors on Amazon such as tropical mango, kale potato mash and applesauce berry.

Amara freeze dried organic baby food

Baby Basics for Natural Bath Time

Baby Buddy’s natural bath sponge is a luxurious and natural way to bathe your baby. The natural sponge is super absorbent, quickly drying and soft on baby’s skin. Made of natural sea wool, this sponge is more resistant to bacteria than synthetic materials. We loved the lightness of the spongy fibers. It’s also pretty durable against tearing or regular wear. Baby Buddy’s natural bath sponge soaks up alot of water for maximum lathering. It also thoroughly cleans with its dense fibers. Once squeezed it pops back to its original shape, easily squeezing out all traces of water. It quickly dries and the sponge’s natural fibers prevent bacteria from growing inside the sponge.

Baby Buddy's natural bath sponge is super absorbent, quickly drying and soft on baby's skin

If you love discovering luxurious body products for your baby, you’ll love trying the BabySpa natural bath and body care collection. Each product caters to the individual stages of your child, with ethnobotanical blends that provide lasting hydration, soothing effects and comforting sensations.

BabySpa 3-in-1 Tearless Shampoo, Body Wash & Moisturizer is a great natural cleanser. It lathers up well with just a little bit of product and has a soft scent. Additionally, this shampoo gently cleanses hair and skin and also act as a moisturizer.

BabySpa Bubble Bath Milk provides baby with a calming bath experience. The refreshing citrus scent and nourishing evening primrose soothe, alongside olive oil and sweet almond oil. Natural pomegranate antioxidants help to support healthy skin, while lavender and ylang ylang calm and comfort the senses.

This gentle bubble bath creates a large amount of bubbles with just a little product mixed into running water. We love that BabySpa products are 100% free of parabens, mineral oil and Phthalates. The Bubble Bath Milk smells amazing with its unique spa-like citrus scent.

BabySpa Bubble Bath Milk luxurious baby product

Baby Basics for Cozy Lounging

pediped footwear is one of our favorite baby and kids’ brands, with lots of adorable shoe designs that support healthy foot development. Exceptional quality, unsurpassed comfort and distinctive styling have made pediped the fastest growing children’s footwear brand in the United States. pediped shoes fit well and hold up excellently throughout everyday play and family adventures.

Great quality pediped shoes for babies and kids

Princess Sensory Kit creative kids activity

A cozy blanket pouch is something our baby couldn’t do without! This snug blanket fits securely around baby’s waist and allows them to freely kick their legs without the blanket falling off. Babies also can’t pull off the blanket pouch or get it near their face. Cozy blanket pouches are a great extra layer for lounging and napping.

Revelae Kids Cozy Blanket Pouch securely fits around baby's waist

Any of these Cozy Baby Basics help fill a practical need for taking care of baby. Moms can use all the help they can get to enjoy and endure the new baby stage. Which baby basic could your baby use the most?

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Aww this is such an adorable post. I have a little nephew coming so these will come in handy. Thank you for sharing.

Jasmeet Singh

Great products for babies I will surely share this post

Lisa Rios
Lisa Rios

All babies deserve great products that are safe for them and the environment. Enough said!


I’ve been feeling a little baby crazy lately and seeing this post might be a sign! I’ll keep this in my mind when my husband and I do eventually have children. Nice products!


You’ve recommended so many products! Some I’ve not seen before. Itll definitely come in handy when my time comes


One of my friends is about to have a baby so I’m grateful that I stumbled across this! Baby shower gift ideas galore!

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Need to share this post with my friend. She’s gonna get a baby soon, so this post will help her a lot, Thanks.


I like these all. I am not a parent yet but these ideas make me excited to have my own baby. I will bookmark this and make use of these for baby life when I get there. Will share also.

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Elizabeth O

i must say this looks super helpful for the moms. this post has lots of information which is really, we should know. thank you for sharing this article.

Sincerely Miss J

This is a great list of products. Sleep sacs and teethers were my must haves.

Kansas Bonanno
Kansas Bonanno

Sleep sacks are amazing! They have really helped alot, especially my smallest who is a hip dysplasia baby to feel more content.


This is such a great post and I’m going to be honest, I wish they made the cozy blanket sleeper for adults. I don’t have any children, but my best friend is pregnant and I’ll be sure to pick up a few these items for her.


I don’t have a baby but this looks super helpful for the moms out there!

Shweta Koul

These are really some amazing products, when it comes to the comfort for babies I don’t like to compromise at all. Thanks for sharing this post I’m surely going to try these products for my little ones.


I really think that the more we keep toxic things away from babies and children (everyone really) we can reduce a lot of illnesses.


These sound like amazing products


So where was this post 2 years ago! I so needed this back then. My little guy would have loved the TooFeze!

Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women

This is an incredibly great range of useful ideas for gifts for friends of mine with babies. I am bookmarking this page to refer to this list for when its time to get gifts again for them.

Poorvi Parkhie

I wish these products were around when my kids were younger! That Toofeze would have saved us a lot of discomfort!


Great collection of things for baby you have here.