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Cozy Kangapouch Down Fill Baby Sleep Sack

Cozy Kangapouch Down Fill Baby Sleep Sack

Not too hot and not too cold, this cozy Kangapouch for babies and toddlers is just right! I am so excited to share with you my recent find, a wearable down comforter for my baby! Every mom struggles with keeping a baby warm without creating an unsafe sleep space with loose blankets or materials that could cause baby to overheat. This sleep sack delivers warmth within a streamlined design that also grows with baby!

I have spent way too many nights and mornings wondering if my little one is as cozy as the rest of our family. We keep our thermostat at about 69 degrees Fahrenheit but the temperature fluctuates, as our home is not very well insulated. Sometimes the temperature will dip as low as 65 degrees in the room where my baby girl’s crib is. While the rest of us are cuddled under down comforters, my little one is often dressed in double layers of pajamas and in a fleece or cotton type of wearable blanket. I would prefer my little one to sleep in breathable cotton but I often resort to putting her into fleece sleepers, which seem to keep her warmer. Some nights when she wakes up for her feedings she feels so cold to me.  Also having so many layers on makes the middle of the night diaper changes kind of difficult. By the time I get to the diaper when she is all bundled up, she most often would be very awake. The Down Fill Baby Sleep Sack by Kangapouch is a great solution for many of these issues I’ve encountered with keeping baby warm.

Kangapouch Sleep Sack Features

Adjustable – This Kangapouch sleep sack will fit a baby for a long time, depending on the growth of your little one. It has two adjustable snaps that go over the shoulders and two Velcro strips on both sides of the sleep sack. I can adjust the sack around my little one’s shoulders and neck, as well as adjust it to fit right under her armpits.

Kangapouch down fill sleep sack - Mommy Scene review

Streamlined – All my little one has to wear to sleep is a long sleeve shirt and a diaper! The Kangapouch is thick enough to keep her warm and comfortable without any other layers. I just slip my baby into a long sleeve onesie, zip up her Kangapouch, and she’s good to go!

Accessible – The Kangapouch has a 2-way zipper which makes night time diaper changes easy; all I do is unzip the bottom zipper to access her diaper and her top stays warm and cozy because I don’t have to uncover her completely. Also, the zipper zips and unzips pretty quietly. I’ve had other experiences where a sleep sack’s zipper or clasps would be so loud that it would wake my baby!

Kangapouch sleep sack keeps baby cozy all night long - Mommy Scene review

Safe Sleep Space – The Kangapouch is sewn in a way that keeps my girl safe even if she turns to her side. The fit is great, it moves with her, and she stays warm.

Soft – The Kangapouch is made with a choice of either 100% cotton with a 350 thread count or 100% Organic cotton with a 550 thread count. I really like that there is a zipper cover for under the arm comfort.

Kangapouch sleep sack is warm and adjustable - Mommy Scene review

Insulating & Breathable – The Kangapouch is filled with Duck Down for a room temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius, usable during all seasons all year round. The cotton and the down fill is breathable and for extra ventilation you may keep the sleep sack unzipped at the bottom.

Versatile – The Kangapouch sleep sack comes in four different sizes; small, small tall, large, and large extra tall. To find the right size, measure your child across the chest and from the shoulders to their feet. The Kangapouch adjustment features allow you to use the sleep sack a bit longer, as long as the sleep sack is nice and snug around your child’s chest.

Kangapouch sleep sack is filled with down - Mommy Scene review

Kangapouch down fill sleep sack review - Mommy Scene

I am so excited that I discovered this down filled wearable sleep sack for my little one, which keeps her nice and warm through the night.

Another great benefit in using a wearable blanket with your little one is that it signals to your child that it is time to go sleep. My little one is always ready to catch some sleep after a short little story. If you struggle keeping your baby warm at night, the Kangapouch Down Fill sleep sack could be the perfect solution for your family!

Cozy Kangapouch sleep sack for babies and toddlers - Mommy Scene review

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Your coupon code doesn’t work. Do you happen to have a new one? I would love to order for my babe!

Amber L.
Amber L.

I love that it’s down!! Talk about comfort and the perfect amount of warmth for our Wisconsin winters!!


This seems amazing! I love that it makes it safe, it also makes it safer for child to be less likely to have SIDS