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9 Unique Winter Nursery Essentials

So much can go into a baby nursery and when you are shopping for a baby it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what’s essential and which items are extra. Here are some of my personal favorites for decking out my baby’s nursery and keeping my baby cozy all winter long.

Baby boy nursery design

Easy-Change Crib Bedding

Most babies sleep in a crib or start off in a pack-in-play in mom’s room and graduate to a crib. QuickZip Zip-On Crib Sheets make it easy to change your baby’s crib sheet with a zip-off design that is simple to swap out and zip back onto the crib sheet base. You no longer have to wrestle with picking up your crib mattress to fit the sheet around the furthest corners. Simply place the QuickZip sheet base around the crib mattress, and zip sheets on and off as often as you’d like. I also love that QuickZip sheets come in soft cotton material and silky minky fabrics, also available in all standard sheet sizes.

Easy Quick-Zip crib sheets for a baby nursery

This easy-pull zipper tab makes it simple to swap out the top QuickZip crib sheet, even in the middle of the night! QuickZip pre-shrunk, 100% cotton and organic cotton sheets save you time and hassle and are safer for baby because they can’t accidentally pop off the mattress.

Quick-Zip crib sheets for a baby nursery

Cozy Sleep Space

BabeeTalk Crib Rail Cover is also nice for giving your crib rail some extra padding and stylish flair at the same time! My little guy is often standing and leaning against this padded crib rail cover when I go to get him up in the mornings. The cute ties and Velcro fasteners securely keep the crib rail cover in place.

Revelae Kids Cozy Blanket Pouch

Kick-Resistant Blanket Pouch

We would have a hard time keeping baby safely snug in the winter without a Cozy Blanket Pouch from Revelae Kids. This unique baby blanket keeps baby cozy from the waist down and secures with a soft elastic waistband. The design makes it hard for baby to kick off and they can’t pull any extra fabric up near their face. I used this blanket pouch almost every night with my little guy to keep him warm within a safe sleep space. Blanket Pouches are also perfect for lounging around the house during the day. I love this photo of my little guy, he used to be so tiny!

DIY Wood Nursery Wall Art

I really enjoyed creating this custom wood wall art sign for my little guy’s nursery. I made it using 3 panels of wood and painted on the words “Grow in Wisdom, Grace, Strength & Courage” using DIY lettering stencils. This whimsical piece of wall art is one of a kind and offers simple but eye-catching decor on my nursery wall.

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DIY wood wall art for a baby's nursery

Creative Nursery Organization

Nurseries can really pile up with lots of baby toys, accessories, clothing, and baby gear. I try to keep essentials organized close at hand and the many individual baby items sorted and out of sight. You can find many creative ways to organize your baby clothes and basic essentials.

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Soft Baby Sleepers

Your little one will be snug as a big in a soft PAIGELAUREN romper, available in a range of styles and colors for babies 0-9 months. I love the soft Organic fabrics and thoughtful high quality details within these modern, tailored baby clothes that feel amazing. PAIGELAUREN baby clothing is designed for moms who want the best for their babies and who appreciate clothes that never go out of style. This darling outfit is the perfect first fashion statement for a new baby, or a fabulous baby shower gift for a new mom! Just pair this romper with a set of soft leather baby moccs and a cute wooden rattle and you are all set!

PaigeLauren soft Organic baby romper

Adorbs Baby Leggings

Looking to doll your little one up this winter? Doodle Pants cozy baby leggings are adorable knit pants available in a variety of styles and each design has a cute character or illustration on the bum. Doodle Pants are super cozy and can be worn for dressing up or casual wear. Keeping baby warm is a top priority and with Doodle Pants you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth.

Sustainable Baby Toys

I love finding baby toys are unique and support a good cause at the same time! Pebble knit toys are made with Fair Trade practices by local women in Bangladesh. Pebble Child offers a wide variety of knit blocks, hats, cute baby rattles shaped as doughnuts and fruits, knit character key chains, and knit animals that are sure to become favorites. Each knit item offers the sensory texture of high quality yarn and soft color palettes. I personally love the muted colors and darling knit details on these contemporary baby toys.

NogginStik Developmental Light-up Rattle 

Interactive Sensory Play

The NogginStik Developmental Light-up Rattle is a fun toy for babies who are beginning to explore their surroundings. The NogginStik encourages early milestones in infants as a first learning toy. The NogginStik head lights up with movement and glows red, blue and green to stimulate a baby’s eyes and visual tracking. The base of the NogginStik makes a soft rattling sound and the handle is perfectly sized for a baby’s hand and features fun textures.

My little guy loved playing with this rattle when he was too young to play with anything else, and now his favorite game is to throw it. The NogginStik by SmartNoggin Toys is well made and holds up well even through rough play. The lights are still glowing even after several months of use. This rattle is a unique baby shower gift that a baby can enjoy from day one; even an infant can enjoy the glowing colors!

What are your favorites for baby nursery essentials? Every mom has their own routine and way of doing things to keep baby comfortable and snug. I hope you enjoyed learning about some of our favorites for a baby nursery!

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