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How to Fold Paper Diamonds

How to Fold Paper Diamonds

These paper diamonds make great centerpieces to add some color and glitz to a table! Or just make them for fun to recycle old paper.

Easy DIY Paper Diamonds - Mommy Scene


1. Print out the Paper Diamond Template onto a sheet of colored or patterned paper. If using a pattern, you’ll want to print the template on the back side of the paper.

How to make DIY Paper Diamonds

2. Cut out the star-shaped template around solid line.

Gorgeous DIY Paper Diamonds - How To

3. Score along all the dotted lines using a push pin and a ruler or flat edge (I used a piece of cardboard).

How to make beautiful paper diamonds

4. Turn the paper shape over so the template lines are on the back and lightly bend along the scored lines.

How to fold paper diamonds - Mommy Scene

5. Glue each flap into place using a glue-stick or hot glue gun. Glue one flap and stick it in place and then glue the next flap until all the flaps are attached in place.

Pretty and colorful DIY paper diamonds

Use these paper diamonds for table accents, party favors, or make them with your kids just for fun!

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How to fold Paper Diamonds - Mommy Scene

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Thank you for sharing this fun project! These look easy.