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9 Creative Herb Garden Ideas

Everyone can easily have a backyard herb garden. I enjoy growing herbs each spring and summer to use in recipes; rosemary for chicken, cilantro for guacamole, basil for pasta with pesto, and mint for lemonade and mojitos. Herbs can quickly add up in cost when you buy them at the grocery store and it’s a lot more efficient to buy an herb plant at your farmer’s market than purchasing herb cuttings. Pesto requires a lot of freshly chopped basil, one of our family’s favorite summer recipes, and a basil plant will grow all summer long if cared for properly. These inspiring ideas for crafting your own unique herb garden can be customized for your yard or patio orientation, available space and gardening ambitions.

DIY Stacked Herb Garden

This cute herb garden maximizes space and allows you to use flower pots you already have. If your pots aren’t all the same color, you can spray paint them or mix and match your re-purposed flour pots to create a whimsical stacked herb garden planter!

Creative DIY Stacked Herb Garden

Recycled Pallet Herb Buffet or Wall Planter

A creative pallet herb garden also takes up minimal space. All you have to do is turn each pallet “row” into a planter box by adding some bottoms to each row, filling with dirt, and planting your home-grown herbs. Pallet herb gardens are ideal for apartment balconies, condos, or patios with limited space.

Creative DIY Herb Garden made from a pallet

A vintage herb wall planter is easy to make using a few pieces of wood and some twine. Paint it any color you like and distress it with a sanding block for a vintage style.

Vintage Herb Garden wall planter

Colorful Herb Garden Cans

Love color? Hang a few of these bright herb garden cans on your fence or shed wall. You could also place a re-purposed paint can in your kitchen to hold the herbs you use regularly.

Creative DIY Herb Garden with recycled paint cans

Kitchen Herb Tea Canisters

These herb-filled tea tins are stylish and add whimsical detail to any kitchen. Plus you can keep all your go-to home grown herbs within reach such as mint, basil, rosemary, and chives.

Colorful DIY kitchen herb garden using tea tins

DIY Herb Garden Mason Jars

Mason jars are a perfect container for herbs and you can get pretty creative with arranging them. A vertical mason jar herb garden can be placed anywhere on a patio, along your vegetable garden, or even in your kitchen for easily accessible fresh herbs.

Creative DIY horizontal herb garden using mason jars

In-Ground Herb Planters

Planting herbs in sunken flower pots gives your garden a unique look and minimizes weeds. Plus you can direct your watering efforts a lot more efficiently. Painted tire herb planters also help control weeds and recycle old tires that would otherwise go to the dump. Give each tire a coat or two of paint, position them in your garden, fill each tire with dirt, and plant your herbs to create a modern and colorful herb garden.

Creative DIY Herb Garden with painted tires

Re-Purposed Furniture Herb Gardens

Using old furniture to make a recycled table herb garden or old piano herb planter is a great way to uniquely grow your herbs and add stylish flair to your garden. Or plant your herbs in stacked dresser drawers! It is a good idea to paint the wood with a weather resistant or waterproof sealant before adding dirt, since dirt and its organic materials naturally break down wood over time. You also probably want to clean out any furniture herb planters you create at the end of each growing season and store them in a dry place during the winter to use next spring.

Recycled DIY Herb dresser drawers

Creative Herb Ladder Planter

A ladder is a great base for growing your herbs; you may just need to add a few boards to the ladder rungs to make herb planter platforms. Or you can create your entire DIY ladder herb planter from scratch out of pieces of wood, designed to resemble a ladder and maximizing vertical space in your garden.

Creative DIY Ladder Herb Garden

Once you plant your herbs, you can use them for all sorts of things! Lavender ice tea is deliciously refreshing on a hot summer day. Homemade herb starters are very easy to make with just olive oil and fresh herbs from your own garden!

Which of these DIY Creative Herb Garden ideas is your favorite?

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