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9 Creative Uses For Old Tires

When we moved into our new home last year along with the house we inherited a stack of old tires. We found out it actually costs money to have them properly disposed of or recycled and so they ended up sitting there as an unsightly stack in our backyard. Recently I got inspired to find some creative uses for old tires and it turns out there are all kinds of way you can re-purpose old tires! Here are some of my favorite creative uses for tires. Check out these fun ways to use tires and maybe you’ll find your next summer project!

Garden Planter from Old Tires

Container gardening is a beautiful way to recycle tires! Paint and arrange your tires anyway you like, get creative! Use the recycled tire planters to create stunning flower beds or plant delicious fruits and veggies and put those old tires to a green new use.

Garden Planter from Old Tires

Tire Totter See Saw

I love this idea for a children’s play area outdoors. How cute is this DIY smiley face tire totter see saw? You’ll just need a saw, some wood planks, handles and a little paint to make this piece of fun DIY playground equipment.

Tire Totter See Saw - Mommy Scene

Tire Rope Ottoman

This DIY rope ottoman would be gorgeous on a deck or patio area as well as in your living room. Depending on the size of tire used and whether you add legs or not you could use this as floor seating, a coffee table or foot rest! I love the upscale look of this ottoman without the upscale price tag.

Tire Rope Ottoman - Mommy Scene

Kid Seating and Storage Container

I love how they used recycled tires to create a comfy, cozy reading nook for kids. These kid’s tire seats double as a storage container for your kids toys too! Use fun paints and patterned fabrics that match your children’s room.

Kid Seating and Storage Container

Toy Car Storage Shelf

This toy car storage shelf would be perfect for a little boy’s room or play area! If your house is like mine Matchbox cars are EVERYWHERE. Why not display some of his favorites in a fun and creative way?

Toy Car Storage Shelf - Mommy Scene

Hanging Tire Flower Planter

I love the simplicity of this hanging DIY tire planter. You could mount it on a fence, wall or maybe even hang it from a tree like an old fashioned tire swing for a beautiful statement piece in your garden patio area.

Hanging Tire Flower Planter

Tire Dog Bed

Give man’s best friend a cozy spot to sleep and put those old tires to good use at the same time when you make this DIY dog bed from a recycled tire!

Tire Dog Bed - Creative Uses for Tires

DYI Tether Ball

I loved this classic playground game as a kid. This DIY tether ball set would be a fun backyard addition for families with older kids. You can buy tether ball sets but make your own for half the cost!

DYI tether ball with an old tire

Tire Sandbox

This is probably my favorite idea for an old tire. Children love sandboxes and would have fun helping you decide how to paint and decorate this tire sandbox! A sand play area is a really fun way to keep kids occupied outdoors during the summer.

Tire Sandbox - Creative Uses for Old Tires

What is your favorite way to reuse an old tire? I’d love to know if you’ve ever done one of these projects or what other ideas have you come up with?

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Creative ways to use old tires

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Cynthia M
Cynthia M
5 years ago

love these ideas! I wish I was creative to do this.

Jerry Marquardt
Jerry Marquardt
5 years ago

These are very nice ways and means to using old tires for a project to not only help the environment, but to look real great in the home. Thanks for the great idea.