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Make a Colorful Chandelier

Make a Colorful Chandelier

We love the idea of taking an old, outdated chandelier and turning it into a vibrant focal point of color for any room! Simply spray paint an old chandelier with a few bright coats of paint in a color of your choice. Allow it to thoroughly dry between applications of paint. Customize with clear or multi-colored crystals, beads, or even mason jars! Check out these 10 inspiring ideas.

This cheerful chandelier was created for a carnival inspired nursery, spray painted and decorated with beads. This idea could be replicated to match any combination of styles or color schemes.

Carnival inspired DIY spray paint chandelier

We love this mason-jar embellished chandelier. An originally bronze chandelier was distressed with aqua paint, fitted with mason jars and decorated with coordinating crystals. Beautiful.

Mason-jar DIY spray paint chandelier

This chic yellow chandelier could be created using any old chandelier sprayed with colorful spray paint. It adds a bright focus to any basic space.

Yellow DIY spray paint chandelier

This retro-inspired chandelier makes us think of double-decker buses and phone booths. It’s the perfect accessory for any modern home with its industrial flair.

Red Retro DIY spray paint chandelier

This chandelier started out with an old fashioned brass finish and was transformed with light blue spray paint and cute sphere bulbs. Chic and a great Eco-friendly repurposing project!

Light Blue DIY spray paint chandelier

This green chandelier displays its color with spray painted crystals and matching green beads.

Green DIY spray paint chandelier

This chandelier has a slight Alice in Wonderland feel with the curly details and glossy purple. It turned out beautifully and it’s a huge improvement on its original brass finish.

Purple DIY spray paint chandelier

These chandeliers show that you can take a fixture in any style, spray paint it any color and create something new and beautiful!

Modern Red DIY spray paint chandelier

Another favorite — a repurposed chandelier plant hanger. It’s beautiful, unique and totally unexpected!

DIY spray paint chandelier planter

This purple bead-embellished chandelier is the perfect fixture for a rich color decorating palette. We wish we had a room this stunning repurposed fixture would coordinate perfectly with.

Purple Crystal DIY spray paint chandelier

We hope you are inspired to create something unique and beautiful for your own home!

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