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Perfect Spring Accessories from Anne Vaughan Jewelry

Perfect Spring Accessories from Anne Vaughan Jewelry

A new season is a great time to organize your wardrobe and refresh your style with a few new accessories! I love the flexibility of coordinating basics and mix and match jewelry that can be layered or worn as a single statement piece. Anne Vaughan Original Jewelry offers a gorgeous variety of handcrafted pieces to match any style, with dozens of collections added just this spring! I received some pieces from the Shimmer Collection and I’ve already worn them several times and have received many compliments.

Anne Vaughan Original Jewelry collections are exclusive to this designer brand. Each collection includes an array of coordinating jewelry pieces that can be worn together in many different combinations. Many of the pieces can be worn on their own too. I enjoy layering my jewelry and also wearing individual statement pieces such as the Shimmer 16-18″ Herringbone Crystal Necklace. I especially love when I can mix and match my jewelry to coordinate with any style of outfit!

Perfect Spring Accessories from Anne Vaughan Jewelry Designs

Dressing Up

You can wear Anne Vaughan Jewelry with the fanciest outfits because each detail is so classy. The Shimmer Collection blends purple and blue hues into artistic collages of freshwater pearls, amethyst, crystals and gemstones. A breathtaking crystal wrapped in herringbone is the focal point of this necklace. Adjustable from 16″ to 18″ in length, it attaches with a lobster claw clasp.

Each pearl and crystal necklace is handcrafted by the Anne Vaughan design team in the studio in Floyd, Virginia. The purple and blue Shimmer Collection (annevaughandesigns.com/shimmer) is just one of many gorgeous color schemes that capture the essence of the season. Anne Vaughan Jewelry collections include all styles and tastes including classic, glamorous, whimsical and bohemian, and everything in between. You can view the full jewelry line at annevaughandesigns.com.

Gorgeous Spring Accessories from Anne Vaughan Jewelry

Anne Vaughan handcrafted jewelry is designed with creative color palettes and artistic styling.

Anne Vaughan handcrafted jewelry Shimmer Collection

Dressing Casual

I can wear this beautiful jewelry with a variety of outfits.

Jeans and a t-shirt are not too casual for accenting with a long tassel necklace from the Anne Vaughan Shimmer Collection. The blues in the necklace easily coordinate with a pair of stylish blue jeans.

A skirt and top perfectly pair with a long Anne Vaughan collage necklace. Or show off the Herringbone Pendant as your statement piece, accessorized with the Shimmer Amethyst Dangle Earrings. Just be prepared to tell your friends where you purchased your jewelry!

Perfect Spring Accessories Anne Vaughan Jewelry

I don’t prefer wearing perfectly matchy accessories, so I love that this jewelry coordinates with similar tones, accent beads and styles. However, each piece in Anne Vaughan’s collections is entirely unique! The necklace beads are randomly spaced in artistic designs that maintain the flow without creating a pattern. Bracelets and earrings coordinate with long and short necklaces without matching exactly. I love the variety of designs that can be mixed-and-matched in many accessible combinations. You can find all the collections at annevaughandesigns.com/collections.

Anne Vaughan Jewelry is a great gift idea for a friend

If you’re not treating yourself, Anne Vaughan Jewelry is a great gift idea for a friend! The necklaces come in a gorgeous gift-ready box and earrings are tucked inside a tidy sleeve.

Anne Vaughan Jewelry gift boxes

Gorgeous Accessories Anne Vaughan Jewelry Shimmer Collection

Sparkle Just for Fun

Of course, regardless of outfit or occasion, sometimes you need to add a little sparkle just for fun! Anne Vaughan Jewelry designs sparkle beautifully and many of the necklaces are priced very affordably. For handcrafted designer jewelry, it’s nice when prices are accessible enough to gift to younger fashion enthusiasts such as your daughter.

Gorgeous Designer Accessories Anne Vaughan Jewelry

Little Girl Ballerina Anne Vaughan Jewelry Shimmer Collection

About the Designer

We had the chance to catch up with Anne Vaughan to learn a little more about what inspires her designs!

How did you go about starting your own jewelry line? 

Anne: I began creating jewelry after my second child was born. It provided a wonderful creative outlet and some extra income as well. I began selling one-of-a-kind pieces without considering a full cohesive layered collection approach. We have definitely evolved over time.

How do you choose the styles of your collections?

Anne: Divine intervention. I consider myself a vessel where the creativity flows through me.

What inspires your artistic choice of beads and color combinations?

Anne: I can be inspired by almost anything; textiles, paintings, the accidental materials on my workspace. I am guided by my intuition to attain a specific aesthetic.

Which is your favorite collection?

Anne: I have so many, it’s hard to choose. Some of my current favorite collections include Oak Creek Canyon, Cody’s Call and Shenandoah.

What has been the best thing about seeing your business grow?

Anne: The best thing has been developing our company core values, which guide and inspire us. Our core values include being mindful in all that we do, loyal to one another, exhibiting tenacity and being committed to continual growth.

How do you balance your design work and life as a mother?

Anne: I try to keep an 8 to 5:30 schedule as best as I can and make the best of the moments we do have. I aim for quality time over quantity. I am a work in progress here.

What is your favorite free-time activity?

Anne: I enjoy my time walking my dogs, perennial gardening, road biking, cooking, playing games, quality family time and being outdoors.

Anne Vaughan Jewelry was created in 2006 so Anne could find a way to work while also being a mom. Anne continues to design each individual item with a talented team of makers supporting her work. Her gorgeous jewelry line can be found at retail events, festivals and in boutiques stores all across the United States.

Gorgeous Necklaces and Accessories from Anne Vaughan Jewelry

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