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Tips For Ring Bearers + Flower Girl Fashion

Wedding season is in full bloom! Whether you need some flower girl fashion inspiration or you’re wondering how to get a mischievous little boy to carry the ring down the aisle, here are a few tips and tricks we used for helping our adorable flower girls and ring bearers to walk down the aisle successfully.

This post is sponsored by Just Unique Boutique. All opinions are our own.

Just recently two dear people in our life came together to commit their life long love and devotion to each other. We could not be more thrilled for this couple. It was a great joy to witness their wedding and celebrate their love. My two little ones had the honor of being a part of the ceremony along with their 3 little cousins.

Ideas and tips for helping ring bearers and flower girls - Mommy Scene

I love this candid image captured by the groom’s uncle of the bride and groom with all the little flower girls and ring bearers! (Yes that is my son pouting about being photographed against his will.) Sending 5 little kids down that aisle in front of a large crowd was a little nerve wracking (for the moms) but they did so great! The beautiful little flower girls looked like little fairy princesses and the boys were just darling in their matching burgundy bow ties and suspenders.

Flower Girl Fashion

Ideas For Helping Ring Bearers + Flower Girl Fashion - Mommy Scene

Finding the perfect dress and matching outfits for the littlest members of the bridal party can be fun but challenging when it comes to matching colors. We received these dreamy, blush pink flower girl dresses from Just Unique Boutique. Specializing in children’s clothing for special occasions, Just Unique Boutique offers a wide selection of colors, fabrics, and styles which made it easy to find just what we were looking for.

Beautiful Blush Pink Flower Girl Dresses and Tips For Helping Ring Bearers - Mommy Scene

My sweet niece looked like a little fairy in this ballerina style, taffeta and Tulle Layered Flower Girl Dress with a hand-rolled pin rosette. The color she’s wearing is “Peach” which perfectly matched the soft, blush pink color theme of the wedding! I love the sweet look of the cap sleeves and the oversized bow tying the dress together.

Blush Pink Ballerina Style Flower Girl Dresses - Mommy Scene

Baby Girl wore this satin Lace Ballerina Style Dress in “blush”. You can see the color matched perfectly with her cousin’s dress and we loved that they each had their own unique dress but that both dresses featured the tulle skirts which coordinated well with the tulle in the bride’s wedding decorations.

Blush Pink Ballerina Style Flower Girl Dress With Lace For Baby Girl - Mommy Scene

The lace top on Baby Girl’s dress also complimented the lace in the bride and mother of the bride’s dresses!

Lace detailing on this beautiful blush pink flower girl dress for baby - Mommy Scene

We had so much fun picking out these stunning flower girl fashion dresses. Just Unique Boutique makes gorgeous high quality special occasion clothing for both girls and boys. You can tell they put thoughtful care in what they make. I appreciate the comfortable lining underneath the dresses preventing any itching and the hidden zipper making these dresses practical for easy dressing. I had questions about matching colors, fabrics and styles and Just Unique Boutique was very quick to respond and helpful in giving me guidance to find the perfect dresses for this wedding!

Flower Girl Fashion + Tips for Helping Flower Girls and Ring Bearers - Mommy Scene

Just Unique Boutique has literally hundreds of dress styles to choose from and a wide variety of colors to coordinate with any wedding or celebration theme. For less formal occasions we loved these sweet summery dresses!

Helpful Tips For Ring Bears and Flower Girls

Tips For Helping Ring Bearers + Flower Girl Fashion - Mommy Scene

1. Practice Their Big Job

“Practice makes perfect” or it at least helps the little ones get more comfortable with their special job for the day! It really helped the kiddos to practice walking down the “aisle” in a comfortable and familiar environment (Grammy’s backyard) even before the official wedding rehearsal. We carefully explained what “job” they had for the day (carrying the rings, pulling the baby in her wagon, and throwing flowers for the aisle). Then we walked them through their routine several times while giving lots of praise and encouragement.

2. Decorate A Wagon

Want to include little ones that can’t yet walk or may not be totally trusted to walk on their own? Have an older child pull them in a re-purposed, decorated wagon!

Ideas For Ring Bearers - Pull the littlest flower girls in a decorated wagon - Mommy Scene

My mother-in-law spray painted this formerly hot pink wagon silver and white. Then she trimmed it with tulle and flowers left over from wedding decor. And finally she added some soft pillows and fabric inside to make a dreamy little “float” for the baby flower girl. As her oldest cousin proudly pulled her down the aisle you could just hear the collective “Awwwe” from the audience.

3. Use Bribery

Grammy had a little bag of new toys and activity books waiting for the littlest ring bearers when they finished their big job. My son was so looking forward to opening the new match box cars when he finished his walk down the aisle! The games and books also served as entertainment for the kids during the reception which followed.

Have a kids activity table set up at the reception for the flower girls and ring bearers! - Mommy Scene

4. Have A Familiar Face Waiting Up Front

Even if they are excited for their special job “stage fright” can easily cause little kids to freeze up or forget what to do. Have a parent or another loved one waiting for the kids up front to encourage them to walk towards them and give them a boost of courage by seeing their familiar, smiling face.

5. Walk in Pairs

Another thing that really helped my son was to walk hand in hand with his slightly older cousin. Walking with his cousin gave him confidence and helped both of them to keep going and  stay on track… kind of. They did look like they were trying to pass a sobriety test as they wondered their way back and forth down the aisle! Got some laughs from the audience anyway.

Flower Girl Fashion Ideas - we loved these blush pink dresses with tulle and lace! - Mommy Scene

I think the biggest thing is for mom (or whoever is directing the kids) to stay calm themselves. Kids pick up easily on our stress. Be firm and clear but stay calm, don’t sweat the little mishaps and make it a fun experience for the little flower girls and ring bearers! There are so many cute ideas for flower girls and fun ring bearers. What are some things you’ve done to incorporate the littlest members of your bridal party?

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2 years ago

I enjoyed your article on ring bearers. We have the tuxe for the 14 month old toddler boy. The problem is keeping his shirt tucked in. Our family loves including children in weddings and all the surprises that come with little ones. It would be really nice if we could… Read more »

Katie Wallace
Katie Wallace
2 years ago
Reply to  Kann

That’s a tricky problem. Just thinking, could you sew on elastic to make something like you described? Sounds like a handy accessory! Otherwise you could put him in a onesie underneath his shirt and use a few sewing stitches to attach the bottom of the shirt to the bottom of… Read more »

Tamber Couch
Tamber Couch
3 years ago

what great ideas I would of never thought of these definitely would help with shy lil girls

3 years ago

I am all about books and activities to keep kids entertained instead of screens. Great post!!

3 years ago

Aww…… They are so adorable! I love the user cute outfits!!! I agree with your idea to send them up the aisle in pairs and have someone familiar waiting for them at the front…. It can be scary walking up that big aisle with hundreds of people surrounding you… That… Read more »