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15 Signs You Have A Toddler

15 Signs You Have A Toddler

The toddler years are precious, exhausting, and sometimes you wonder how you are going to make it through the day. Here are 15 common occurrences that happen at our house almost daily.

1. You regularly find small chairs or stools located abruptly around corners or right behind your legs while cooking in the kitchen.

2. Your floor displays a blend of juice spills, yogurt spots, drops of finger paint, and sometimes glitter. (And you keep the carpet brush handy)

Signs you have a toddler - Finger paint - Mommy Scene

3. You find character stickers all over the house; on the carpet, stuck to furniture, on the bedding, and even stuck to the bottom of your socks.

4. Plugging cords into the wall takes twice as long because you have to dig out the plug protector.

5. You find yourself cleaning up one mess after another, with tasks increasing faster than you can keep up.

Signs you have a toddler - Messy room - Mommy Scene

6. The laundry pile grows exponentially each day, and doesn’t seem to have a bottom.

7. You find yourself repeating your kid’s cute broken phrases to others, which you otherwise wouldn’t find notable if your child hadn’t said them.

8. Whole cups of pet food end up in the pet’s water dish.

9. Every project in the kitchen takes 3 times as long to complete.

Signs you have a toddler - Play dough - Mommy Scene

10. Half of whatever food you made for yourself is immediately claimed by your little person, even if he had his own lunch 10 minutes earlier.

11. Bedtime suddenly becomes a marathon event.

Signs you have a toddler - long bedtimes - Mommy Scene

12. Anything that marks, cuts, stains, or spills could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Signs you have a toddler - messy kitchen - Mommy Scene

13. Common household items such as scissors, pens, and knives take forever to find because you forgot where you hid them.

14. Body fluids don’t faze you.

15. You go to bed exhausted each night, wondering how the hours went so slow, the day went so fast and why you didn’t hold your child more.

Signs you have a toddler - spilled snacks - Mommy Scene

Toddlers are cute and mischievous and definitely keep us on our toes! How has living with your toddler changed your life?

Katie is a writer and influencer based in beautiful Coeur d’Alane, Idaho. She enjoys DIY projects, photography, decorating and going on family adventures. She feels blessed to be a wife, a stay-at-home mom to three kids and a Pacific Northwest lifestyle blogger.

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Love these photos. Kids change everything!