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Kids Love Fun Cereal? Enjoy a Balanced Breakfast

I’ve heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Cereal is a popular breakfast food at our house; my kids love the colorful boxes and interesting flavors. We often allow our kids to eat fun cereal along with a serving of fresh fruit or yogurt, real orange juice, or a side of scrambled eggs and bacon. Even for breakfast, including the 5 food groups is a great way to teach kids healthy habits.

Cereal & Scrambled Eggs

Parents can give kids a small bowl of cereal & scrambled eggs, balancing sweetness with simple protein. When we buy fun cereal, it’s helpful when the box lasts more than 2 days. Our kids enjoy eating a bowl of Fruity Lucky Charms alongside a small plate of scrambled eggs. They get their grains, sweetness, and a serving of protein!

Fruity Lucky Charms is a new magical marshmallow cereal for breakfast lovers. You can buy this colorful cereal at Kroger stores such as Fred Meyer. This fruity-flavored cereal is mixed with Lucky’s magical marshmallows that you already know and love; unicorns + hearts, stars and horseshoes, clovers and blue moons, pots of gold and rainbows and yummy red balloons! The 1st ingredient in this cereal is Whole Grain.

To learn more about Fruity Lucky Charms visit @luckycharms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Bowl of Fruity Lucky Charms

Cereal, Toast & Fruit Slices

We often serve colorful cereal to our kids along with multi-grain toast and orange slices or a banana. My kids would love to live off yogurt and marshmallow cereal, but we usually add in some buttered toast and a piece of fruit. This makes our box of cereal last longer too! After all, cereal is just one breakfast food that easily compliments milk, juice and fresh fruit.

Top your Cereal with Berries or Banana Slices

On the days you don’t have a chance to make a whole meal for breakfast, serve up a bowl of cereal topped with berries or banana slices. Fruity Lucky Charms is a great cereal to enjoy topped with fresh or frozen raspberries or blackberries. We usually give our kids 2% milk which is a great source of Calcium for growing bones.

There are many ways kids can enjoy their favorite cereal and get their potassium, Vitamin C and protein too. Eggs, toast, a banana and orange juice are all easy breakfast add-ons that will give your whole family a boost of energy to start the day!

What are your family’s favorite breakfast foods?

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