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Super Creative Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom

Decorating a bathroom can be one of the most challenging projects in the house. After all, the bathroom is such a functional space with usually a tight layout. It turns out, there are many things you can do to decorate your bathroom and add your own personal touch and custom style!

Create Eye Catching Storage with Floating Shelves

Bathroom walls can seem a bit bare, especially since there’s not often much wall space to display art. Floating shelves are a great way to increase storage space and provide a spot to display decor. We love the look of this decorative bathroom arrangement!

Decorate Your Bathroom - Add Decorative Storage with Floating Shelvesphoto credit: just a girl and her blog

Add Color with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a comeback in bright colors and modern patterns. We love color! Sometimes wallpaper provides the perfect finishing touch to a small space. This gorgeous geometric-inspired triangle wallpaper gives this bathroom a pop of color that takes it from average to wow!

Add Color to your Bathroom with Wallpaperphoto credit: black lacquer design

Decorate your Bathroom with Succulents

How cute are these potted succulents!? These trendy plants are one of our favorites, but we never thought to put them in the bathroom! The open shelves and potted succulents in this bathroom provide a simple and whimsical decorative element.

Decorate your Bathroom with Succulentsphoto credit: black and blooms

Accent Blank Walls with Clever Word Art

Bathroom wall art can be pretty, stylish, clever or humorous. We thought these two signs were the best of both clever and humorous and this word art is pretty cute too! The Wash, Brush, Floss & Flush sign is available as a printable. You can also order this Buck Naked wall art in several sizes.

Wash, Brush, Floss and Flush bathroom wall art sign<
photo credit: cutesy crafts

Buck Naked wall art from Jetty Home
photo credit: jetty home

Organize with a Wooden Crate

We love organizing things into bins. This wooden crate is a great organizing caddy for the bathroom vanity and it looks amazing too! You can stock it with extra rolls of toilet paper, lotion, towels and even a jar of Q-tips. A bathroom storage crate is an attractive way to store toiletry essentials.

Organize your Bathroom Vanity with a Wooden Cratephoto credit: little vintage nest / sarah joy blog

Declutter with Wire Baskets & Drawer Organizers

Storage solutions can be attractive as well as practical! Declutter your bathroom space by using wire baskets and divider bins to organize your shelves and drawers. You’ll be able to find things easier too!

Declutter your bathroom space by adding wire baskets and bins to organize your shelves and drawers.

Organize bathroom drawers with dividers and bins

Paint your Vanity an Accent Color

A colorful vanity easily becomes the focal point of the bathroom. Blue, red, green and even fuchsia paint hues are all classic accent colors that can be coordinated with a patterned shower curtain and decor in your bathroom. You can easily refinish your bathroom vanity yourself with a little sand paper, a can of stain blocker and a few coats of premium indoor paint.

Paint your Bathroom Vanity an Accent ColorKeep it classy with a cool blue bathroom vanity.

Decorate with a creative and feminine pink bathroom vanityphoto credit: black lacquer design

Choose from sweet accent colors! This creative and feminine pink bathroom vanity makes the bathroom feel so fancy. Or decorate with lilac like this bold & chic lavender and gold bathroom vanity.

Decorate with a modern lavender and gold bathroom vanityphoto credit: style at home

Decorate your bathroom Regal green bathroom vanity accent colorA vibrant green bathroom vanity is both lush and soothing.

Utilize Practical Bathroom Accessories

This bathtub caddy features beautiful stainless steel handles and a clear acrylic design which is a perfect match with colorful bath bombs and bubbles. The clear design also helps the caddy to blend in to any bath decor when not in use.

Toilet Tree stainless steel and clear bathtub caddy

Step out of the tub or shower onto a skid-resistant natural bamboo bath mat. We’ve used one of these for a few months now and not only is a bamboo bath mat comfortable, it easily dries off and adds a decorative touch to the bathroom floor. A natural high-quality mat gives the bathroom the feel of a luxurious spa at home.

There are so many ways you can choose to decorate your bathroom and personalize this practical space! Which is your favorite bathroom decorating idea?

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A S,Edinburgh
A S,Edinburgh
3 years ago

I love floating shelves in the bathroom. These are all awesome ideas, thank you!