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We are very excited to announce our Green Scene Mom Award Winners, celebrating Eco-friendly product design and creative innovation. These award-winning products include natural body products, universal baby gear, moms essentials, and items for improving your home, solving a problem, and making life easier for families with kids.

Classic Yummi Pouch Reusable Food Pouches

Why We Love Them

Yummi Pouch Classic reusable food pouches make it easy to take healthy snacks on the go. Fill them through the top resealable opening and stash in a diaper bag or purse for easy travel snack for kids. Yummi Pouches are ideal for holding pureed baby food, homemade smoothies, yogurt, or applesauce. The wide opening makes it simple to pour liquid into the pouch from a blender or spoon in yogurt from a cup. Simply unscrew the cap and drink the contents through the feeding spout for easy snack time at the playground or in the car.

Yummi Pouches are the only way our child can enjoy smoothies or yogurt in the car without making a mess. These reusable food pouches have been essential on road trips, especially during the baby food stages. They hold up to 6 ounces which is enough to pacify a baby for a whole shopping trip. Yummi Pouches help save money on baby food because they can be used over and over again. They are also easy to clean in the dishwasher — just expand the pouch and place it upside down on the top rack.

Judges’ Feedback

5 stars Eco-Friendly
5 stars Easy to Use
4 stars Design & Innovation

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