We are very excited to announce our Green Scene Mom Award Winners, celebrating Eco-friendly product design and creative innovation. These award-winning products include natural body products, universal baby gear, moms essentials, and items for improving your home, solving a problem, and making life easier for families with kids.

Yummy Teething Mitt

Yummy Teething Mitt

Why We Love Them

The Yummy Mitt is the first glow-in-the-dark teething mitten for newborns and infants 3-12 months. This functional teether stays on a baby’s hand, offering a sanitary and soft silicone surface for a baby to chew on. The Yummy Mitt is designed ergonomically to replicate the natural feel and look of an infant’s hand. The glow-in-the-dark feature offers safe, non-toxic illumination so babies and parents can easily find it at night. The mitt secures to baby’s hand, helps a baby relieve their own teething pain, and can’t be dropped. Made with medical food grade silicone and 100% cotton material, the Yummi Mitt easily slips over a baby’s hand and secures with a velcro tab at the wrist.

The Yummy Mitt is a unique take on a traditional teething object, innovatively designed to promote self-soothing for teething discomfort and also offering baby a hygienic toy that can’t be easily dropped. We love the feel of the soft cotton material and contrasting soft silicone. It’s easy to see why the Yummy Mitt could easily become a favorite teether!ย 

2016 Winter Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Judges’ Feedback

4 stars Eco-Friendly
5 stars Easy to Use
5 stars Design & Innovation

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