We are very excited to announce our Green Scene Mom Award Winners, celebrating Eco-friendly product design and creative innovation. These award-winning products include natural body products, universal baby gear, moms essentials, and items for improving your home, solving a problem, and making life easier for families with kids.

Octopus Wristy Buddy

Octopus Wristy Buddy

Why We Love Them

Wristy Buddy was developed by a teacher & mother for babies who begin teething early and lack the motor skills to hold traditional teething objects. This unique teether incorporates a cute plushy animal attached to a soft stretchy wristband that easily fits around a baby’s wrist. The various textures and teething ring offer a variety of surfaces for baby to explore. The new Octopus Wristy Buddy has a plushy head, soft springy legs, and a red teething ring with a bumpy texture.

Wristy Buddy offers teething relief to even the smallest babies, in the form of an endearing little pal. A Wristy Buddy teething wristband is a perfect first stuffed animal for baby; one that they can actually hold onto and cuddle. We love the adorable animal designs, including the bright blue Octopus with 8 legs that baby can touch and tug on! The wristband easily slips over a baby’s hand and stays in place.

2016 Winter Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Judges’ Feedback

4 stars Eco-Friendly
5 stars Easy to Use
5 stars Design & Innovation

Where to Buy & Learn More

Website: wristybuddy.com

Facebook: fb.com/wristybuddy
Twitter: twitter.com/wristybuddy
Instagram: instagram.com/wristybuddy

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